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Some more QnA

httpvh:// A bit more of folks asking questions and me answering… answers.  This one was hard to keep short – it’s about 7 mins long. (Sorry)

Old SaskTel Commercial

Check me out in this OLLLLLD TV commercial for SaskTel (pre-Corner Gas days). httpv://

Leo Award Announcement

We’ve been nominated for 3 Leo Awards (BC Film & TV).  Here’s my announcement and a thank you to everyone who watched. httpvh://

Standup at The Comedy Mix

People are often telling me they wished there was more of my stand-up they could see online. Well… I wish I was taller and had more hair. So there! Still, I thought, maybe I should put a bit more up here. So awhile back, I popped up onstage at The Comedy Mix in Vancouver to… Read more »

Standupping in Alberta



httpv:// George Stroumboulopoulos asked me why I thought the Canucks were going to win the Stanley Cup, so when his show was shooting out here in Vancouver, they asked me to put myself on record.  Happy to.  Here it is.

In Studio at KoolFM (Waterloo)

Here’s video of me yakking and blabbing on the radio. httpv://