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Working the Room

Strolling amongst the populace, at the Winnipeg Comedy Festival this past April.  P.S. I was not groped even ONE DAMN TIME!!! Photo by Leif Norman.  


A little #TBT to when I used to rescue lovely damsels from dastardly dudes.  Am I a hero…??? Not for me to say.

YEESH!!!…What a mug!!!

Love this photo of me performing on the Horizon Stage in Spruce Grove, AB.  Think I watched any cartoons as a kid?  (Photo by Yasmin Mayne)

Mullet vs Spectacles!

What a difference a day or two or 26 years makes!  Quick side-by-side comparison of an early promo headshot (my 2nd one ever, from 1989), and my mug/noggin today.

Handsome Dudes

A couple of handsome, manly dudes.  Who says you need a bunch of stupid “hair” to look good?  No one, right?     ….Right?