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The Watcher

Some performers don’t like to watch themselves.  Not me.  I even like to watch myself watching myself.  

With the Bro Jake crew

On Rock101 with Bro Jake and the gang, promoting NO CLUE and some live standup dates.  Doing my best “intense” face.  


Me and the lovely Amy Smart on the first camera test for my new movie NO CLUE.  She looks like a movie star… who’s being photobombed by an Estonian cab driver.

Radio Free

Recording some fake sponsor spots for The Buttpod.  They don’t pay as well as actual sponsor spots… but they are potentially funnier.  

Nice Room

I want to play this room.  Who books this?

I must be one of the “Good Guys”

After my stand-up show Jun.15, the fine folks of Calgary saw fit to honour me in their official “White Hat Ceremony” – which I believe makes me an official Calgarianiananite.  It also allows me to shoot a gun into the air whenever I see fit (provided it’s celebratory and not out of anger.)  And thanks… Read more »

SPY & Rye

Graham Clark (bearded) and Dave Shumka (rooster tails) invited me to be the guest on another episode of their terrific podcast, known around the worldwide web as STOP PODCASTING YOURSELF (SPY).  Look at us.  Do we know how to have fun, or what? ***NOTE: No tamborines were harmed or played in the making of this… Read more »

Brent & The King

At the Canucks Alumni Golf Fundraiser I got to meet some real legends – none more impressive than King Richard Brodeur, who stopped a TON of pucks on the way to the 1982 Stanley Cup Final.