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Old Promo 1996

Check out this groovy old promo flyer from 1996.  Before I wore my glasses onstage. (Such vanity!)

Bob Newhart

In honour of the great Bob Newhart joining Twitter (@BobNewhart to follow him), here’s a picture of a magic moment in my life, when I got to go backstage and meet him after one of his shows.  One of the true highlights of my career, and a true right of passage for any comic.

Getting it DONE!!!

Look at me making it happen!!! Boy, when I direct, I make Hitchcock look like… some not so good director.


The chairs by the lake at Jasper Park Lodge.  Quite possibly the most relaxing spot on Earth.  The odd sasquatch attack?… sure.  Otherwise, very peaceful.

Jamie killing it.

From the side of the stage I snapped this picture of my pal Jamie Hutchinson cracking the folks up at the Imperial Theatre in Saint John, NB.