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Me and Daniel Negreanu

Me and poker whiz, Daniel Negreanu at the 2007 Grey Cup (which the Roughriders won, P.S.)

Me and “Captain” Jack

Me and another comedic hero of mine – “Captain” Jack Duffy.  I loved watching him on Party Game back in the 70’s and was thrilled to be able to get him on Corner Gas for a cameo.  R.I.P. Cap.

Me and the Suze

Me and the Suze – David Suzuki.  That’s right.  I’m saving the planet, one celebrity photo at a time.

Me and “Shorty”

Here’s me and John “Shorty” Shorthouse, the voice of the Vancouver Canucks.  When his regular colour commentator went on holidays, they asked me to fill in for a game.  I had a blast.

Me and Mike Holmes

Me and Mike Holmes at the Gemini Awards.  He also did a cameo on Corner Gas, and the crew BOMBARDED him with home reno questions.  Which he very patiently stood around and answered.  Very cool guy.

Two Musical Geniuses

Okay… one musical genius – Elvis Costello – and one guy with a nice sweater.

Me and Robin Williams

On stage at GM Place in Vancouver, during a fundraiser for Tsunami Relief.

Me and Stephen Harper

And here’s me with current Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper.  He did a cameo on Corner Gas too, and was much funnier than I expected him to be.