Mullet vs Spectacles!

What a difference a day or two or 26 years makes!  Quick side-by-side comparison of an early promo headshot (my 2nd one ever, from 1989), and my mug/noggin today.

26 years



I think your mullet hair is coming out in your eyebrows! Hey! You can grow your eyebrows and comb them back! Oh Yeh.. nice spectacles too!

kevin smith

well heck, it all started in U-tube looking for chris peterson’s old tv show “get a life”, when corner gas popped up. instantly got hooked, then watched all of the hicups. so now i was wondering why i haven’t heard of you before (i do live out in the MoJave desert).
can i get put on an E-mail list of up comming events? i really enjoy your stuff and would like to see more thank you.

oh yeah, your movie was great (could use more Nancy Robertson)

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