2013 Q & A

Answering a few questions from Twitter followers about 2013.




Loved Corner Gas mostly because it was a decent Canadian show!! Here’s an idea for you–
I work for Home Care (a gov. agency that sends people like me into older folks homes to help them be able to stay in their homes longer.) I’ve always thought how funny this could be because we do see some very funny situations–ie: an old women trying to get rid of a squirre-
along comes the priest to help!! I always thought how funny alzheimers could be if it wasn’t so tragic–on tv it could be played for laughs. You could have five different workers going into alot of different houses each week never knowing what they might find. In my head, I have four old friends(all women) getting home care every week and then meeting to discuss the service provided. They either bash it, trash it or revel in it depending on what they were able to talk the worker into doing. Lots of possibilities with this one!! Thanks for reading. Eve

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