A Brave New Word. World. Dammit.

Has it been two years ALREADY??!!! Must be time for me to post a new blog.  I’ll keep it brief, on account of I have about sixteen other things I should be writing right now.  The problem is – those other things are really hard.  The people who will be reading those other things have certain expectations in regard to “quality” and “pertinence” and “sensibility” and “this-doesn’t-make-any-goddam-sensisbility”.  So you can appreciate where doing one of these blogs is a more attractive proposition.

The other factor to consider is that I only have a few minutes until I have to start getting ready to do a standup show here in Moncton, NB.  (All tour dates posted here under “Tour Schedule”).  So I can’t delve into the depths those other things require right now.  And remember, that is only one of the many potential excuses I have at my disposal.

If I have a point here, and I don’t, it’s to say that I am now in charge of updating this website myself.  For years I employed my loyal, faithful, man-servant Gilrod in this capacity.  He was able to put anything I sent his way up on to this internet machine, as I had no such skills or abilities.  The problem is that Gilrod has vacated his position of showbusiness underling in favour of going to law school to become a lawyer.  Well la-dee-doodley-ding, Gilrod.  Bully for you!!!  But all that means is, in a couple or three years you’re going to be putting on a stuffy, itchy suit and tie every morning.  The law offices of Whoever, Blahbitty & Whatsits isn’t going to let you breeze into work in your flannel sweats and mesh T-shirt like I used to do.  (I used to demand it, as I recall).  At any rate, I have received much tutoring and guidance in respect to the technical points of updating this site, and I now seem to be able to do just that.  So I’ll try to do it soon and often.  Or at least until the novelty wears off.


**NOTE: It’ll still always say ‘Posted by Gilrod’ because no one taught me how to change that.  A constant and sad reminder of simpler times.  Chin up web world.  Chin up.



Reading this on my iPhone…..saw “funeral sweats” and thought I had found a friend in Gilrod. Damn! Have a great show Bub.

Tracy Lalonde

Thoroughly enjoyed. Looking forward to more. And wanted to thank you for the retweet the other day (could mean any time between yesterday and two years ago). You’re a good Sask boy.


*GASP* At last, I can stop holding my breath! Break a leg (in the show biz sense) in Moncton, my old home town!


No worries, you’ll get the hang of it! Of course, then they’ll change the software and you’ll be back to square one…


fun times ahead for your fans…we’re looking forward to new shows & new adventures. but those of us outside the true north will be compelled to wait for you to get some sweet us marketing deal, or else drive to our nearest canadian city to catch yer premieres. maybe. we weren’t quite able to pull off a trip to brantford but may yet be able to soak in the funny at some future venue. hoping also to see the canucks play our pgh penguins in the stanley cup… not entirely out of the realm or possibility.


Thanks for the updates. I just saw one of your stand up shows and it was awsome

Robert James

Just moved from Winnipeg to Vancouver and guess who I ran into after being shot-up for change while walking down West Hastings last afternoon on the way to Waterfront Station???

It’s true I passed the two modern day Kanadian Gods; Brent Butt and his wife Nancy Robertson!!!

I kid ‘ye not, I said my hellos to the lords of CTV. Sadly the Corner Gas station did not stock Peach Skoal, only the tobacco free dip… and is in a different province, too.

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