Some time after our beloved friend and coworker Janet Wright passed away, I spoke with her husband Bruce about how he felt she would want us to proceed with the new Corner Gas Animated project.  He said emphatically that Janet would want Emma to live on, and gave us his blessing to start looking for the new voice of Emma.  But more than his blessing, he gave us a suggestion.  He said we should audition a good friend of Janet’s, named Corinne Koslo.  Corinne lived in Vancouver for many years, and worked with Janet on a number of theatrical projects.  So I thought, “For sure – we’ll have her do a read.” but I also thought, “What are the odds that this friend of Janet’s will actually be the right one for the part?”  Well, maybe there was a bit of a guiding hand, because Corinne absolutely nailed it.  She has a similar timber in her voice, and knows Janet’s rhythm  and cadence intimately.  Every person involved in the decision, had her listed as their first choice.  It was unanimous.  When we did our first studio voice record for the first episode, the rest of the cast welcomed Corinne with open arms, and each thought there were times during the recording that it sounded so much like Janet, you wouldn’t have been able to tell the difference.  It goes without saying that Janet will be forever missed by all of us, and by all who enjoyed Corner Gas.  She can never be replaced.  But having a dear friend of hers step into Emma’s shoes, and do such an amazing job, is a bit of a soothing balm on the wound.  And it feels good.  We hope you’ll all listen with an open mind, and give Corinne a chance.  She really is terrific.


Karen Westerhausen

That is very sweet! I’m very excited to see the new series!

Mike Thomas

awesome news – wishing you all the best in this project, really looking forward to CG – the Next Animation 🙂

Erin Vanderstelt

Thank you all for taking such care with the character of Emma, and for your thoughtfulness in keeping Jane’s wishes top of mind. The characters are all loved so dearly, and I am looking forward to seeing more of Corner Gas.

With love to you all,

Athma Birju

Love this great news! So glad to hear things are going well with the cast. All the best in production and for all the subsequent seasons to come!


Thank-you for your cadence. Janet was an incredible actor and will forever be the Emma in our hearts. It’s great as an animated series that it offers enough of a marked difference that it doesn’t seem like you are replacing Janet. It feels more like you are honouring her. I am happy that her husband was so forthright and willing.

Any chance you can release it earlier? :p

Bill Chaote

Sounds like some big shoes will be filled in the best way.
Wish the whole cast and staff the best on this new adventure in humor.

I’ll have the chili dog, please.

Spreading the word in Fresno, California

Steve Hull

I’m looking forward to the animated series. I certainly hope there’s a US broadcaster smart enough to pick this up. If not, I hope you make it available for purchase on the Corner Gas website because I will definitely want a copy. My condolences on the passing of Janet Wright. She will be missed. I’m sure Corinne Koslo will do an excellent job stepping as the voice of Emma. Your cast decisions thus far have certainly been spot on so there’s no reason to doubt your choice to use Corinne. It may be a while before I get to see this but I can’t wait!

I miss you guys,


Truly amazing, Janet will always live on!
Can’t wait to see what the show will become.
Excited.to learn the release date.

Lionel Richard

My wife (Debbie) and I are huge fans of the show and still watch the DVDs from time-to-time. We’ve been out to Rouleau a few times, as well as the studio to see the sets when there were tours! We are also eagerly awaiting the animated series which should be “a hoot”! Thank you folks for continuing to keep the “Gas” going by doing this. We also miss Janet Wright but are glad the ‘shoes’ will be filled to make this all happen! (Lionel and Debbie from Saskatoon)

Sharon Eisbrenner

So glad you found the right person. Welcome Corinne 🙂

Mark Moerman

I’m sure she will be wonderful! Looking forward to the animated series.

Gary Katch

Re: vocal “timber”

Maybe she pines too much.

However, If a woman coos in the right timbre, it may put timber your pants!

Looking forward to the cartoons. I’m just worried that animation won’t capture the subtle facial cues of the actors that brought so much character to the — uh, characters.

Best wishes,
Montreal, QC


Just wondering if Brent has see the American comedy called The Middle. The comedy sensibilities and styling is remarkably similar to Corner Gas. Any thoughts?

Ethel Penderbean

Congrats on the animated show. I know a young writer who has the old series memorized if you are looking for creatives. email me for details (he worked on ” 22 Minutes”)


I recently discovered Corner Gas as it had not aired in the USA. I bought the six season set and the movie. It is an awesome show!!!! It would be a smash hit if it could be syndicated here, I’m sure.. Looking forward to the animated version!

Charles M Wilson

An amazing show. Rest well Janet! I love the “Corner Gas” series. You were “One of a Kind”. Brent will do right by you, as he knows how much the fans of this show are faithful?!?!

Caley Reyes

It’s sad to know that Janet Wright passed away, but I know in my heart that the cast/crew welcomed Corinne Koslo with open arms, just as they did with Janet! When I watched Corner Gas: Animated, I could barely tell that was Corinne! Props to you for doing an amazing job on another one of Brent’s series/movies! Love, from Calgary, Alberta

From, Caley Reyes <3

Bob Niznik

I’ve enjoyed Corner Gas since “day one”. Obviously something great with the: cast, writing, location, and production. Great movie and now, IMO, a very successful animed series. The addition of Corrine Koslo to replace the dear, late Janet Wright maintains the high quality that Corner Gas represents. Continued success for: yourself, the rest of the cast, and the others involved with Corner Gas!!

Bob Niznik

I just realized that I misspelled “animated” in my previous comment

Roy Garb

Thank-you so much for giving us your awesome animated series! ?I’ve been a loyal fan for years but because of work and living in LangleyB.C didn’t have access to your show on any of my stations! Now I get you on my Satellite dish on the comedy station in the Kootenays!Your show is the most brilliant hilarious comedic series of all time! You guys all rock! Thanks for putting and keeping this smile on my face!Humor is the definately the cure for County’s depression! Thank-you for keeping us same in this crazy world! Brent u guys rock!? Lotsalove ? Txs Roy

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