Hi Folks!  About a week ago, on Twitter, I posted a goofy picture of me wearing a Las Vegas style showgirl’s headdress.  It was taken of me backstage before a standup show a few years back.  Anyway, I always liked the photo, especially the dichotomy of the splashy festive feathered headwear accompanied by my sad defeated face.  I always thought if I was going to do a comedy album I’d use that photo for the cover and call it “Dignity is the Enemy”.  So, for a bit of fun, I opened that notion up to my Twitter followers and suggested a contest to design that cover, with the only prize (if you can call it that) is having the winning entry posted here on my website.  There is no other prize, because there is no actual album planned at the moment.  And if I ever DO an actual comedy album, I may or may not go with this title.  But it was a fun little thing to do and I received some truly creative and cool entries.  Thanks for everyone who submitted.  But, just like in the Highlander’s Quickening Tournament of Beheading Immortals… there can be only one.  And so… here is the winning entry – chosen for it’s clarity, strength of message, and eye-catching appeal.  CONGRATULATIONS to @CreelmanKid for this exquisite piece of artistic imagery.  And again, thanks to everyone else who played along.

"Dignity Is The Enemy" Winning Design


Irene Hamilton

Hubby Ken and I wish you and Nancy lived next door to us. Every night is a gab session around our backyard fire pit and you would not believe the that come out of nowhere!

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