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Well we had the very first table read through with the cast of ‘HICCUPS’. And I have to say, it was great. It was so cool to finally hear the words that have just been on the page being read by actual actors in actual voices. Up until recently the only people that I knew for sure were going to be in this thing were myself and Nancy. We had our picks for the rest of the cast, but had to wait awhile until we could get them approved and deals finalized and all that other fun legal/business shmutz that always accompanies the creative stuff. But it’s all done now. We were allowed to cast the actors we wanted, and after having heard them read the parts, I could not be happier or more excited. They’re an incredibly talented bunch. We just may have a hit on our hands. Uh oh… hope I didn’t hex anything.

So the main cast of Hiccups is as follows:
Millie Upton (children’s author/borderline lunatic) – Nancy Robertson
Stan Dirko (life coach/borderline putz)– Brent Butt
Joyce Haddison (Publisher, Haddison House) – Laura Soltis
Taylor Rymes (Millie’s literary agent) – David Ingram
Crystal Braywood (Haddison House receptionist) – Emily Perkins
Anna Dirko (Gardener/Stan’s wife) – Paula Rivera

Today was our last day of prep before we go to camera on Monday. I’m really looking forward to it. So here we go – WISH US LUCK!



Good Luck!!!!!! We are looking forward to the new show!!! Still missing everyone from Corner Gas…I don’t miss an episode. See you soon back on the air!!!!!!!!!!!


can’t way for 2010 to come around. something to really look forward to, “hiccups”.

i wonder how many people who read this will be alive when the series starts? has to be some sort of statistical modifier involve. heck, i’m sure very one will be around to enjoy this new comedy series, i’ll certainly try. who’s with me?

Tim Hallatt

Hey Brent! (Again) Thanks for announcing the HICCUPS cast, I’m more excited then ever! But, I have a question to ask…When I see you in Niagara, at the end of March, will you be signing autographs, and meeting the crowd? Because I need you to sign my shoe. The reason being, I whent to see Rick Mercer last night, so I got him to sign my shoe, and now I need your signature on my other shoe, so I can have two of Canada’s funniest men’s signatures on my shoes! I know it sounds odd, but it would be much appreciated. One of our biggest fans,

Tim Hallatt.


Hey! Who’s “Gilrod” that did the posting here!?
Haven’t heard of the actors – well, except you and Nancy – but I’m glad you’re excited.
Come by MY blog and leave a “Hi Alexa!” for me will ya?
Roc Around the Clock


The only two names I recognized were of course Brent and Nancy. I did look up the rest (on IMDB), and I haven’t seen the others in anything…then again, the cast from Corner Gas was all new to me as well, and that turned out okay. 🙂

Is Emily Perkins the same one from the Ginger Snaps movies?

Even though you won’t need it…I’ll give it to you just in case. GOOD LUCK! 😀

Tim Hallatt

hey brent! Thanks alot for announcing the HICCUPS cast, I can’t wait to see them all on tv! Oh, and when I see you in March, I’m gonna need you to sign my shoe…See, last night I saw Rick Mercer live in Toronto, and I asked him to sign one of my shoes. Now, when I see you, I need you to sign my other one, so I can have Canada’s funniest men’s (And my two idols) signatures on my shoes!

robert francis

Been waiting for new show, read about it online. Myself, wife and my five kids are huge fans of Corner Gas and we will be watching Hiccups when its on CTV. Thanks for all the laughs, was good to have whole family in front of TV for Corner Gas.

Kyle Visvanthan

Great Job Mr. Butt
I Was…pardon, am a complete Corer Gas Junkie
like, I have watched corner gas for hours on end and am very excited to see the new
show that you are doing with Nancy
the day I went to the set and meet you in person I couldn’t stop smiling
I know this show will be as and hopefully more halarious and sucessfull as Corner Gas
Being a teenager with an unbelivable amount of time on his hands
this show will be great to kill hours watching while peeing myself laughing!!

Kyle Visvanathan


I can’t wait to see this show,I loved corner gas and you and nancy are hilarious and i like emily perkins too shes a great actress…Good luck with the show


I’m excited for you! Can’t wait to see it. I am a big fan of you in general. I loved Corner Gas, but also love your small town, down to earth personality and yea, I guess you are pretty funny too! 😉 (that’s a winky face in case you didn’t know) Did I mention I like your sarcastic humour?

Anyhow, when and where can we expect to see “Hiccups”(does it have to be all in caps?).

From a big fan of all things Brent Butt

Peter Hobbes

Any chance HICCUPS will come to Australia? Corner Gass was a biggish hit over here in Murwillumbah


Best wishes for Hiccups. I did notice with today being Monday, September 28th, 2009 (when I am writing this), that this probably would have been the season seven opener for Corner Gas. Sigh!


Hey Brent, have loved your work since I saw you do warm up for the “kids in the hall” . Gonna love seeing, and following you in the new project.( in a Canadian fan kind of way, not a trekkie, stalker kind of way.) Best of luck to you

amy mccabe

hey brent i think that you guys should have special guests on the show more like people in an episode. i mean like have the actors from corner gas in it you know 🙂 it would be great to see them in another pne of your magnifecent tv shows 🙂


Corner Gas was popular here in Wagga Wagga (Australia) – I guess Aussies and Canadians share a similar sense of humour. It was on the World Channel and not easily found but I got all my friends hooked. It’s been taken off, just as we were all rushing home from work to watch! I hope it doesn’t take years for Hiccups to reach us! Please try and do a deal or whatever the legal/business schmutz it is you do to get it sent here.


Hello and thanks for 6 years of Corner Gas the best show since the beginning of time. Congrats to Brent and Nancy on their union and continued comedic works. You don’t have to have a sense of humour to be married but it sure has helped me through 33 years with my wife and she as well. Well 10 fold for her dealing with me I am sure.
Any chance your new show will air in the US anytime?
Best Wishes,


you make me even more proud to be a Canadian…Corner Gas is the best show in the world!!!


Congrats! Can’t wait to see the new show. Your quality is hard to find on todays networks. We will be seeing you tonight in Chatham Ontario. Very excited its my husband Kens 41 birthday Feel free to lay into him. LMAO Looking forward to tonight. Have a safe drive watch out for the deer.


Really looking forward to Hiccups. Your show on Saturday (Oct 3rd) was excellent and I was saddened when it came to an end. The 2 hours just flew by with you and Irwin. Both of you have been gifted with a rare talent.
I was devastated when Corner Gas ended, was happy when I heard that I would be able to see your stylings at a stand up show (managed to get front row tickets for it) and now I am elated that there is a new show awaiting a time slot.
Go get em. Yours is a public service and truly appreciated.


Hi!!! I’m only 13, but I still LOVE Corner Gas sooooo much. I watch it every day with my brother and mom and dad. It’s a great family show and one of the very few that’s decent. I’m looking forward to seeing Hiccups on CTV. Question: when exactly IS Hiccups going to air? Just wondering…..I’m soooooo excited!!! Well, see ya 😉

Karen Tipton

I understand HICCUPS won’t be on USA tv.Hope we can buy DVD’s so Corner Gas fans can watch also.


The cast is totally great yays !
Love the whole cast especially Brent , Nancy and Emily Perkins .
I’m so looking forward to watching it 🙁 I can’t wait .
Anyways , I’m so glad you’re making a new show .

-best wishes for you all


Hey, I had a question..

My friend and I loved the Corner Gas series and growing up in Saskatchewan it was awesome to have a show based so close to home!

He saw somewhere that you have a word written inside the comic book you are holding in the opening for each scene.

Not sure if anyone else knows it, but it would mean the WORLD to me to find out and be able to tell him 🙂

you can email me at

Thanks guys!

And thank you Brent, you are amazing 🙂

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