Hello Folks!


I wanted to post a note here to explain why you haven’t been receiving any of the “B.B. Bulletin” emails lately.  If you didn’t sign up for any B.B. Bulletins, there really isn’t much of a mystery about it at all. Honestly, the worst detective in the world would only take a minute, maybe minute and a half, to come up with the answer to this one. “Hang on…You didn’t sign up!” Then they’d snap their little notebook closed and strut out of the room just as smug as you please.

But if you did sign up – particularly if you signed up after my December tweet, in which I VOWED to send out one bulletin per month – you might be wondering why you haven’t received any, when some simple arithmetic will tell you, you should’ve had 2 by now. (* Work shown at bottom)

The reason for this is that the fellow who normally does the technical part of getting my noodlings into your Inbox, pardon my French, hasn’t been around to do it. And I was never shown how to do it myself. Oh…AND…AND I’m not smart enough to figure it out on my own. So you can see how nature has conspired against me in this instance. But I will endeavor to solve this conundrum – if this even qualifies as a conundrum – in the very near future.  And if you want to sign up in the meantime, you can do so OVER THERE. >>>

Thank you for you patience and/or apathy during this time.

Most sincerely,

– B.B.

(* January + February = 2)

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