Since we announced that Corner Gas was getting rebooted as an animated series, I’ve been getting a lot questions on social media. Mainly, 4 questions in particular. So, I figured I’d answer those 4 most common questions here.

Q: Is the original cast coming back?

A: All the original main cast members are back to reprise their roles, with the exception of Janet Wright, who played Emma. Sadly, she passed away this year. Her family has said that Janet would want Emma to live on, so we are in the process of casting to find the right person to play the voice of Emma.

Q: Will this be available in the States?

A: We will certainly be looking to make a deal with a U.S. broadcaster, so the animated show can be seen, as Frank Sinatra said, “south of the border”.

Q: When will this be available to watch?

A: Our target for the broadcast premier is January 2018 – but who knows? I mean… that’s a LOT of drawing!

Q: Will you be doing the drawing?

A: No. We figured it would probably be best to hire actual animation professionals. Smart, eh? I oversaw the development and design of the characters and locations (the actual designing/drawing of our main cast was done by Josh Mepham, and the other regular characters by Greg Huculak.) and I’ll remain in charge of the creative choices on the show, but I’ll be relying on our animation directors and the good folks at Smiley Guy Studios to bring the pictures to life.

So there you have it. Thanks for your questions and your interest. We’re all excited about diving head first into this project and, we really hope you enjoy it.

Talk again soon.

– Brent


Lee Rosin

Hi Brent!
I was thrilled when I learned Corner Gas would be made into an animated series! I am so excited to hear you are looking for the voice for Emma. I have done professional voicing for years and voicing an animated series would be a dream come true. I’m wondering where I might be able to send you a demo and my resume if you need one. Please advise and I will send it to you right away. Now, here comes the suck-up routine, sit back, it’s going to be a good one! I literally have been a fan of yours since almost the very beginning, I stared out my career in radio and interviewed you during your Flatlanders tour through Saskatchewan. I attended your show in Melville and laughed myself silly. I have seen you live numerous times and have loved all your shows.

Lee Rosin

Typical! Ran out of time. I am currently a Police Dispatcher for the RCMP and work out of Regina, but do have some flexibility in my schedule. I am the voice the McDonald’s Radio Network in the USA. I am heard over 10-thousand times a day. Voicing is a passion of mine and becoming the voice of an animated character is a dream come true. Please advise when and where I can send you any type of demo you need and/or my resume.
So looking forward to hearing from you.

Lee Rosin

Ray Gorman

Well, it should be pretty easy to draw YOUR character… didn’t move an awful lot unless you were eating a chili cheese dog…

Kevin Weaver

Any chance you would visit a small town in the White Mountains of AZ. WE have a casino on the Apache Reservation. Could get you booked. Would love to have a cup of coffee and a chili cheese dog with you.

Sage jackson

hello sir may i ask to interview you for a school project

Donna boomhour

How many chilicheesedogs did Brett eat all together on Corner Gas.i think
At least 600.

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