People have been asking me “How can I get one of those NO CLUE postcards?”  So here’s what we’re gonna do: Post a tweet that includes and tag it with #NoClueMovie.  Over this weekend I’ll read them all and on Friday (Jan.31) I’ll randomly pick 25 of those tweets.  I’ll follow those 25 people so they can DM me their address, and I’ll send each one a signed NO CLUE postcard.  Simple, yes?  Potentially fun, yes?  Remember to get your followers to RT your tweet, because the more times it’s in the feed, the better chance it has of being picked.

(NOTE: You can also get a postcard by coming to a show on my “Almost A Movie Star” Tour, because I’ll be signing them after each show.)


Kathy Oliver

I live in a tweet-free environment by choice. Doesn’t help me much getting entered into contests, though, does it?

Well anyway, I wish you would go ahead and enter one meager entry for me so I might get a chance at a signed “No Clue” post card. Do you include postage? Please don’t as I wouldn’t want to send it away.

It looks like Mr. Butt is in the thick of things creating and continuing with making that delicate comedy.

Stay in control of “the funny”. I hope “No Clue” comes to America. I haven’t gone to a movie in over 30 years. Your movie, however, I would endure the movie house to view it.

Thanks for producing such wonderful material.

Kathy Oliver (Like the dog — but not) 🙂

Ken and Colleen Morrow

Saw Brent’s show last night at Algonquin Theatre in Huntsville and had a great time. Looking forward to seeing his new movie.

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