Patrick guillemette

I loved the corner gas franchise and miss it. I’m happy that a Canadian has made a series that was higher rated across Noth America. Brent butt and mike holmes are the Canadian celebrities I would love to meet. I hope to see more of his upcoming creations.

Tim Pifer

Love Corner Gas and I have watched it a billion times (no exaggeration… maybe a little). But I did buy the whole series on Amazon video, and it is my go-to show. I came from a small farming town in West Virginia (950 pop.), and the show is so relatable. I grew up there in the 60s and 70s. Yes, we had a Hank, a privately owned gas station, a very small police force, a bar where everyone in town hung out at (an America Legion Post), and a Ruby (Named Brown’s Restaurant after the owner was also the Chief of Police and 1/3 of the police force). The show is universal, and even a Hillbilly gets it.

Michael J. Scales

Hi, Brent,
Of course, like everyone else, I loved Corner Gas, and I want to be on the mailing list for your newsletter.
Take Care,
Michael J. Scales

Pat Queen

Hi Brent, as we sit here watching Corner Gas for the tenth time, I was wondering what Brent’s job was before he took over the station/store. I couldn’t find anywhere that it was mentioned on any of the episodes.
Still loving the show and really enjoy introducing it to first-time viewers.


Excellent question! Brent worked at the gas station as an employee of his father, before taking it over upon his father’s “retirement”.

Fred Missimer

Along with Seinfeld, Corner Gas was a favorite show. Even though Dog River and New York City had a few differences as to setting, the small ensemble cast made both shows accessible and great fun. One can only hope for a sequal, especially if from Sascatchuwan (no one in the US can spell the name-sorry).

Chris Zanoni

um… im a little confused – are the bb bulletins the substack newsletter? i’ve signed up for the free substack newsletter, but the vid from 2/17 (and this post) both seem to reference the bb bulletin with no mention of substack. (and the substack sidebar doesn’t reference itself as a bb bulletin)

sorry – i don’t want to come across as pedantic, but i know there’ve been a few different ways to get stuff over the years…

Stephanie Ross

I just finished reading HUGE (thumbs up) and have popped over to subscribe to the newsletter. My family really enjoyed Corner Gas (Aussies in Australia), but my dad loved it most of all. He was from Estevan. We all got a kick out of seeing the remainders of Dog River in Roleau when we visited and even played “Not a lot goin on” at dad’s funeral.


Yes, the BB Bulletins name changed when I moved to Substack as a newsletter platform.


That really warms my heart. Thank you for this note, and my condolences on your loss.

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