Patrick guillemette

I loved the corner gas franchise and miss it. I’m happy that a Canadian has made a series that was higher rated across Noth America. Brent butt and mike holmes are the Canadian celebrities I would love to meet. I hope to see more of his upcoming creations.

Tim Pifer

Love Corner Gas and I have watched it a billion times (no exaggeration… maybe a little). But I did buy the whole series on Amazon video, and it is my go-to show. I came from a small farming town in West Virginia (950 pop.), and the show is so relatable. I grew up there in the 60s and 70s. Yes, we had a Hank, a privately owned gas station, a very small police force, a bar where everyone in town hung out at (an America Legion Post), and a Ruby (Named Brown’s Restaurant after the owner was also the Chief of Police and 1/3 of the police force). The show is universal, and even a Hillbilly gets it.

Michael J. Scales

Hi, Brent,
Of course, like everyone else, I loved Corner Gas, and I want to be on the mailing list for your newsletter.
Take Care,
Michael J. Scales

Pat Queen

Hi Brent, as we sit here watching Corner Gas for the tenth time, I was wondering what Brent’s job was before he took over the station/store. I couldn’t find anywhere that it was mentioned on any of the episodes.
Still loving the show and really enjoy introducing it to first-time viewers.


Excellent question! Brent worked at the gas station as an employee of his father, before taking it over upon his father’s “retirement”.

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