God Bless Showbusiness

When we finish shooting HICCUPS I’m going to go right into preproduction on a TV Special.  It’s going to be with CTV and The Comedy Network as well, and it’s going to be a real fun (and hopefully funny) old school variety type comedy special, with sketches and music and special guests and all that jazzy showbiz stuff that makes the world go ‘round.

Then, in the spring of next year I start production on the feature film I wrote.  It’s called NO CLUE and I’m going to be in it as well.  See, I’m not really a good enough actor to be hired on other people’s films, so I have to produce my own.  It’s a lot more work, pressure, stress and headaches, but at the end of the day I’ll be able to strut around calling myself a movie star.  I could strut around saying that now, but I’d be lying – and I haven’t told a lie in over twenty minutes, so let’s keep that streak alive.  It’s like I said to my sister, Bette Midler, … no wait.  That wasn’t a lie, it was just a fib.  A harmless fib.

The streak is over.
May as well finish the thought then.

It’s like I said to my sister, Bette Midler.  “Bette,” I says, “I’m going to write you a movie, and I’m going to call it THE ROSE and we’re going to film it in colour and you’re going to be famous!”  And that’s pretty much exactly what happened, isn’t it?

So there you go.

So don’t ever doubt my blogs.

Type at you soon,


Brent “Brent” Butt


Tim Hallatt

Hey Brent! I’m really glad that you finally got this website up and running. I’v ebeen checking everyday for the past 2 months! Anyways, I just wanna say that I can’t wait to see the new HICCUPS! Its gonna be great. I’m only eleven years old, and I’ll be seeing you do standup with my family at the end of march, in Niagara.

-Tim Hallatt.


I concur with that first comment, except I’m 45 and my parents aren’t taking me to see you!

Arnold Behnken

Dear Brent,
I loved your show “Corner Gas”,and can’t wait for this new one.Hopefully it will air in the United States.Also this movie sounds pretty good.So keep up the good work.
Your Fan,
Arnold Behnken

Rich Goodrich

All great news coming from the Great White North. Hope that we (us poor folks in the USofA)get to somehow see the new TV series and When do see the movie being released? Love CG and miss it dearly but think you made the right decision going out on top.

Good luck and keep your stick on the ice!
R. Goodrich


I would LOOVE to see hiccups BUT I am sure, being in the states I will have to wait for some station 45oo miles away to pick it up as reruns before I see it.. oh wait, didn’t that happen when Corner Gas? Thought it was familiar… Anyway, best of luck with the show… see you in 2015 on a local channel at 4 am…

Ps – I do hope its before then 😉


Living in the US is a like living in a Brent Butt black hole. Wait, something doesn’t sound right about that…not sure. But hopefully we’ll get access 2 ur new work. Miss Corner Gas. k


How about a possible future contest, where a fan wins a chance to participate in one of your episodes for Hiccups? Or wins a chance to write a line or two. Or
wins a chance to submit a recipe for a character who pretends to make it.
I think I’m running out of ideas now, but a contest would be great. And the person who gave the idea for a contest should get an honourable mention or the very least a lollipop.

Larry D.

Great to see your blog and future fleshing out as well as you are. This is from one of the few people with a more unusual last name than you (although we in the family don’t find it so.)

Please continue your campaign towards world domination. I’d much rather have you at the helm than the other zanies now in contention.

Drift on…


Hi Brent,
Good luck on what everyou choose in the future,
Looking forward to the new show hiccup,s,going to be tough to get any better then what corner gas was,The best show ever aired on tv.
Really miss it,Take Care.

Allison G.

Can’t wait to see your new show HICCUPS; however, not looking forward to drinking a full glass of water and counting to ten after each episode. Maybe I’ll just have one of my kids scare me: “Hey, Mom, can I have the car keys?” Yeah, that’ll do it.

I’m another USofA’er (huh?) who “discovered” you from CG and am wondering when I’ll get to see your new show. Perhaps you can blackmail a network exec (come on, the options have to be endless here–oh wait, do they have a soul? Do you have to have a soul to be successfully blackmailed? Maybe I should rethink this.) In any case, I’m anxiously awaiting your and Nancy’s new project! Keep ’em comin’, Brent! Your wit is worth the wait!



Thank goodness for the Internet. We have this site for one thing, and once Hiccups gets on the air…those of us outside of Canada (I’m in the US) can download the show.

Just don’t forget to buy the DVD sets when they are released. 🙂 To show support and all that good stuff. I did this for Corner Gas (I still miss the show. 🙁 ) since only ONE channel would air that great show.


Well it’s about freakin time 😉 My Corner Gas DVDs are wearing thin from overuse, so it’s good to hear there are some more shows on the way!


My family all LOVE Corner Gas and I really hope that there will be at least one Corner Gas movie special! We drove across the country this summer and stopped in “Dog River” – it really has “not a lot goin’ on” but we had a blast! My kids have many, many (many…) episodes memorised. Thanks, Brent…. 🙂 We’ll be on the lookout for Hiccups!


Wow. Hey there Brent! Loved C.G. Miss C.G. I watched every single episode.
Tell Nancy, “Hey!” and take care of yourself. Looking forward to “Hiccups”!
Apparently you’re coming to our town too soon (Brampton, ON) – we weren’t able to go to the show, but sure wish we could have!
Maybe next time…
Gosh I miss C.G. Ya’ll became “friends” to us.


Hey to Brent from your BIGGEST fan in the US. I hope I can see Hiccups on the net, along with the special and anything else you do. You should post links on your web site so we can watch from the US. I see WGN stopped airing Corner Gas (jerks). My sister is getting me all six seasons on DVD for Christmas so I’ll be just fine! Keep it going…you are the funniest man alive!


hey brent! i’m going to see that movie even if i have to watch the dvd! cuz i’m a fan and that’s the way we roll.


Hey Brent, Our family is so happy to hear that you are in the process of creating some new nutty and sure to be brilliant material for our viewing pleasure — well someday, somehow anyway since we’re in the US. We’re going through some serious CG withdrawals here. We have approx 20 episodes saved on our DVR and we treat them like GOLD — no one is allowed to delete them! Do you have some pull with WGNAmerica? Can you threaten them or something?? Tell them put CG back on (even if it must be 4am) OR ELSE??? They don’t seem to be taking my threats seriously 😉 Anyway, best of luck with Hiccups/your stand up/and the movie! We know you’ll make sure they are hilarious and SARCASTIC since “There’s nothin’ else to do” :o)

Rock the Flamin' Cowboy

Brent, Brent, Brent. Lucky for me even though I’m miles away in Australia SBS aired CORNER GAS here and what a show. Best ever in fact my TV is just in use for constant reruns without anything else getting a look in. I hope they screen “Hiccups” here. Corner Gas is going to be hard to beat but you won’t let us down no matter what. If you pick a cast as perfect as the last it will be a hit. Everyone in Corner Gas was brilliant. The show simply makes me feel good. Love them all. YOUR NUMBER ONE FAN IN AUSSIELAND.
Tony alias Rock the Flamin’ Cowboy.


So excited about your upcoming new show. Was sorry when CG ended but still enjoy the reruns. It was the greatest, you make us proud to be Canadian! Can’t wait for Hiccups!
Keep em coming!
Born a Saskatewan also


I travel back and forth from Alberta to Manitoba once a month, and I finally stopped at the set of CG. I just sat there for a long time and imagined all the funny and good times I had watching your show. Glad things are going well and cannot wait to see you and Nancy on TV again. Miss CG.

bruce holt

We saw you in Ottawa last night, and had a question

Any word on the Corner Gas movie yet?

Ps My son Liam and I met you that morning Canada AM did the final episode show in Regina. We were chatting with Eric when you came back and did your banana joke.It was great to be part of the day and to be part of “It’s been a gas”


Your Corner Gas! A grrreat comedy! I’m a big fan!

As to your promise:
“I, Brent Butt, do here by solemnly swear not to spam you, send you dodgy pics, or sell your email address to the highest bidder.”
I cannot pay highest price for their emails – but can we talk about a discount ?


hiya brent,i have been watching corner gas ever since i was young. it is so awesome i love your web page and i reseached you in class. my main substubt is miss.d a.k.a your cousin.i think your jokes are hilous. and keep loling your truly kiwi

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