Ladies and Gentlemen, we are in full swing.  Well, ALMOST full swing.  We’re swinging everything but the camera so far.  I’m not being very clear.  What I mean to say is, we haven’t started shooting yet, but every other element of the new runaway comedy smash sensation “HICCUPS” is in full swing.  The sets are being built, the scripts are being written, the waistbands in the wardrobe pants are being let out (…mine are, anyway) and crew are working like beavers.  Seriously.  Some are literally chewing on trees by the studio parking lot.  Not sure what that is going to accomplish, but I’m keeping my nose out of it.

We start shooting Sept.28 and are going to shoot through into December.  That’s right – a winter shoot in Vancouver.  I’m trying to write as many ‘rain’ jokes as possible, in the off chance there might be the odd shower.  I believe the meteorologists are calling for 175% chance of rain.  The mathematicians are calling that impossible, and I’m calling for them to lighten up.

As for when the show is going to air, your guess is as good as mine.  No… on second thought, mine is probably better than yours.  Or maybe CTV has told you something I don’t know.  Initial talk is that HICCUPS won’t actually hit the airwaves until fall of 2010.  Having said that, things can always change.  I’m going to try to negotiate an earlier airdate with the network.  When I say “negotiate” I mean “lay down on the floor and kick my feet and scream like a witch who just had water thrown on her”.  It can be effective at times.  Other times it can get you a boot in the ribs, so be careful about when you employ that tactic.   If we find out the show is going to air sooner, I will definitely let you know.  Until then, stay tuned.

Brent Butt


Art Phillips

Can’t wait to see what the new show “Hiccups” is all about. It’s going to be hard to beat “Corner Gas”, the best comedy show ever shown on Canadian TV.

Mike Ward

Here’s hoping for the best for “Hiccups”…and when it catches fire like a certain other show did, don’t forget your American fans! Well, you don’t. I mean do some of that screaming and kicking so CTV doesn’t forget.

Carol Suthertland

Can hardly wait for the first episode of *HICCUPS* and I’m positively sure it will be worth the wait!!

George Blessing

I hope that a U.S. cable channel will carry “Hiccups”–it was hard to get Corner Gas in California.

Carol Sutherland

Is there a chance that Brent will ever visit Canada’s east coast…I mean the real east coast….Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, PEI? Your many fans down east would love to see you in person.

Tom O'quinn

can’t wait,please contact my agent if you need some inspiring
hicccup recipes- ‘unemployed in kits’

Rick Swidinsky

Nice to see a good Canadian boy like yourself do well in the cutthroat world of Canadian TV. Take on those jackals at CTV and do the show your way baby!

Marlene Taylor

We’re still watching Corner Gas reruns and hope they’re on forever. Nothing like a good laugh everyday! Really looking forward to your new show and will be watching and waiting impatiently. Keep us smiling!

David Currie

Hey Brent i hope your new show HICCUPS is a smash hit like your other show was. I hope you get a chance to come to Kingston, Ont. to do some of your comedy would love to see you here :D.


thought it was going to be a movie. my bad, as we say here in colorado. so i guess the only way i’ll see it is by buying the dvd; make sure they make a dvd out of it. some production companies say they will and then they don’t. not naming names here. just saying.

Brenda Burton

Georgia (USA) loves Corner Gas. I caught it on a late night re-runs from a Chicago station and immediately ordered the DVDs. Friday night became dinner and Corner Gas at my house. Soon all my friends had to order their own DVD copies of CG. I was crushed to learn season six was the last, but now I’m eagerly waiting for Hiccups. Share it with the States!

Rock the Flamin' Cowboy

Whatever Brent it will be worth the wait. Are any of the old cast going to be taking part? Will Nancy get to be a thorn in your side. She really cracks me up. You make a great team in more ways than one. We can only pray and hope.

Caroline Ongenae

Holy Hacking “HICCUPS” Brent!
I was so excited to hear about your new show I think I’ll have to go into plastic surgery just to get the smile taken off my face…lol…anyway…all kidding aside…WTG!
From, Caroline, A Loyal Fan
PS: If you hear “toe tapping” coming from Vancouver Island, you’ll know it’s all your fans anxiously waiting.


Hey Brent! There is a state here in the U.S. called Ohio (you might have heard somewhere, but we have 50 (yes 50!) states here), and there is a city in the SW corner of Ohio called Cincinnati…..you should check it out sometime. Not to perform or anything, although that would be awesome, but just to check it out. Gen St. Clair (no “Saint” wasn’t his first name) who was Gov. (how can you be a general and a governor at the same time?) of the NW Territory in 1790 named the area Cincinnati in honor of the Society of Cincinnati, a Revolutionary War (it was this big fight we had here with Great Britain once over tea…can you imagine?)secret officers society. Kind of like the Mason’s but they drank a lot. Anyhoo~ we have a professional football team (not nearly as good as Saskatchewans), and a pretty good minor league hockey team eh’ (my attempt to sound Canadian and make you feel more welcomed), and if you liked the Jays, Scott Rolen is our new third basemen. Anyway, back on topic, you should come to Cincinnati in the USA. Just Google it sometime.

diane prince

hope you can throw in your old cast members,from corner gas.i miss them too
you gotta be the greatest comuc writer in the world
instead of kicking and screaming,for an earlier date,for the show
just tell them big shots that i said to get thr show on right now
i have alot of pull.after all i am a prince
diane prince


Hi Brent
I was introduced to Corner Gas a year ago by a friend who had lived in Canada for two years. It is hilarious and just goes to prove that a comedy show can be funny without being nasty. I was so sad to find out it was ending after the sixth season. We don’t have each season yet but we are working on it.
I have a chronic, neurological illness and your show helped me laugh through many days that would have otherwise been very bleak. Please try and get your new show HICCUPS to the USA or I may just have to move to Canada!! Best of luck with it.
A Kansas farm Fan


We love Corner Gas here in Florida, and look forward to Hiccups.
good luck and break a leg

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