Hiccups Air Date Announcement




Great news! Only one month to wait until we get to see your new show Brent. 😀 I’m also interested in watching “Dan for Mayor”, since it has another “Corner Gas” star. 🙂

Unfortunately, I’m in the US so I’ll have to wait to watch it here (they were pretty bad with airing Corner Gas, but I have all the DVD sets). Maybe some lucky Canadian can upload the shows for us in the States. 😉

I’ll tell everyone to watch the show, once it’s shown here that is. 🙂 I wish I knew some Canadians, so I could tell them the good news lol.

Timothy Martin

RIGHT ON!!!!!!!!!! Ya know I’m sure Brent is pretty sick of hearing about CG all the time but I along with millions loved and miss that show with the witt and humour so I”m seriously looking forward to watching HICKUP’s and can’t wait for March The Hell with the Olympics we should have a torch of our own for the openeing of this new show.. Thanks Brent and Gang looking forward to it.

Omar Roushdy

FINALLY !!! I’m way too excited about your new show.
You are a genius, a true and rare talent. I’m pretty sure this show will rock !!
Keep up the good work Brent !!

Gary Raiche

Hey Brent!

Can’t wait to see the new show…so glad it’s almost here!!
It’ll be great to see you and Nancy on TV again, it seems like it’s been so long already. You are by far the funniest guy in the country – keep up the awesome work!! (Thanks again for the autograph – that was too cool!).

Montreal, Canada

Timothy Martin

GARY… You got an autograph???? AhMan you lucky dog good for you. I’m on the west coast and Brent is scheduled to be out this for a long long time but when is here I’ll be begging for one of my own with Brent. He’s been my idol for many years as I’m sure he has been for millions of others.

Timothy Martin

THIS TOTALLY BITES… I missed the opening show because I was held up at an accident scene please tell me there will be a repeat somewhere for me to watch Grrrrrrrrrrrrr I’m so annoyed I could just scream.

Well I’m sure it was awesome so please try to brag to those of you who actaully got to watch it.


Yup, they’ll be a repeat showing this Saturday at 8:00pm on The Comedy Network

Timothy Martin

Well i know what I’ll be doing on Saturday.. Even if the Canucks are playing, they’re not taking center stage from this that’s for sure. I check in here every day hoping to see some updates but I guess with things being new and very much busy for you, we’ll just have to wait for when you’ve got some spare time on your hands.

Anyway’s thatnks for the letting me know I won’t miss it Ooooh I feel all warm and giddy inside now.

Timothy Martin

P.S. Did I tell ya I’ve seen Sasquatch? Always though Sasquatch and The 6 million dollar man Steve Austin should have been part of Brent Leroy’s flashback moments.

Timothy Martin

I would have watched this show before the Olmpics any day so this is nothing but a GOLD MEDAL for Brent/Nancy and the gang.. Congrats people

Abe Sloan

hi I am Huge I mean I am a huge Fan of Corner Gas and so far from what I see Hiccups will be just as good if not better I miss Oscar thought anyway I don’t know how Hulu works but if you could get some deal with them for your American viewers that great if you cannot find an affiliate (some many Americans don’t get your humor I am sorry to say but I love it) anyway hope you like the Idea and I will not spill coffee on you at this point

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