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I couldn’t get enough of Corner Gas (no jokes). By the time I got hooked on the show, it was on sporadically.
My friends and I are excited about your new show “Hiccups” and can’t wait to see it.
PLEASE try to get it into the States! We’re tired of the reality shows and other crap being served since the writer’s strike!

Thanks for all the family comedy!
Corner Gas fans,
Van W. Green and friends

amy mccabe

i cant wait for hiccups but i am still sad that corner ags is over 🙁 but my friends darcy and raya just love corner gas as much as i do and we cant wait for hiccups and its even better that your going to be also starring in it so now two of my favorite actors will be staring in it!! 😀


Yes you both work together well, and no you are not long winded, just like to think alot with your words while explaining to the world how you like to talk about things while using moments that are all around you that effect what you are saying and dance with them in sentences when they come to mind so they will make sense to only us real brent fans!! *phew* long sentence there, anyway… thanks for the update!

Love the Blog, Vlog and Phlog! …too funny!!


Hey Brent I loved your original show (Corner Gas), which my friend showed to me. (His uncle is David Story) I can’t wait to see this one and I’m glad your starring in it! Good luck,



You’re funny as always Brent…even in this video. 😀

Hope to see another video soon with more info about Hiccups. 🙂

Say hello to Nancy for me.


What I like is the wholesomeness of your comedy and the show Corner Gas too. I’m hoping Hiccups will follow suit along those lines. There’s so much crap out there anymore…
I also LOVE the idea of a variety show – isn’t that what the movie will be about? Or is that another TV show – I’d love a variety show again – remember good ol’ Carol Burnett and The Lucy Show etc.? I’m older than you, but I guess you remember them too. (I’m 52). I just love Nancy and you together too. That’s great! It increased my interest now.
I’ll miss “Davis'” and “Oscar” and “Hank”, but I suspect there will be a new bunch of favorites coming in Hiccups!


I’ve rediscovered my love of Corner Gas this last week what with being unemployed and having the seasons on DVD at home and I was truly sad that there would be no more seasons. SO just finding out now that you and Nancy are doing another show is happiness in my heart. XD

Good luck! I hope its another keeper series!

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