Hiccups Premier Ratings

Hello everybody. As you probably know by now, the world television premier of HICCUPS was this past Monday, March 1st on CTV. We were all waiting patiently Tuesday to get word from the network about our ratings. “How many people watched?” we wondered breathlessly. Well, I was breathless at least. Mind you, I had walked to the post office earlier in the day, which is about five blocks away. (Taking a moment to reach around and pat myself on the back. Uh-oh… I think I pulled something.)
Tuesday afternoon word came in. Are you ready for this? 1.9 MILLION VIEWERS tuned in to watch!!! Are you kidding me? 1.9 Million!!! To put that in perspective, that is almost 2 million. It’s more than 1.8 million people! Wrap your head around those apples my fine feathered friends. That is more than any of us expected, for sure.
All those viewers stayed to watch Dan For Mayor too, which follows our show at 8:30pm. So it looks like CTV’s Monday Comedy Block is off to a kick-A start. (“The Bachelor” which was up against us, only drew 1.3 million. Take THAT guy making out with a bunch of strange chicks he doesn’t really know!)
Big thanks to CTV for the fantastic promotion they did – especially during the Olympics. And the billboards and the bus shelter ads… they even stuck our faces on the side of some Skytrains out here in Vancouver. Imagine my giant head whipping past you at 70kmh before you’ve had your morning coffee. Not something you’re likely to forget, unless your psyche decides it’s disturbing enough to mentally block the image.
And finally, BIG THANKS to everyone of you who watched, and thanks for spreading the word and telling your friends and families and co-workers etc. It makes a big difference, and for that I am… as we say in mock Spanish… mui mui obligado. Mucho appreciado amigos.
– Brent



Hello Brent,

I was a huge fan of Corner Gas, in fact, I have all six seasons on DVD. My grandkids and I watch them over and over. I hope your new endeavor “Hiccups” gets some airing in the US. Can’t wait to see it.
Keep up the good work, your comedy is a breath of fresh air in a not so fragrant world.

Best regards,



Hiccups was awesome! I can’t wait to watch it every week. Great job Brent, amazing show. An amazing premier.
Can’t wait to watch it again! -Tim


I LOVED the new show! Alongside Dan for Mayor (with that great ending to the first episode)it looks like a solid hour of must-see television. The scenes with Brent and Nancy are fantastic, and the premise is new and innovative.I can’t wait until next week!

PS When is the tour coming to Calgary???


That was THE best show EVER!
Corner Gas and Jon and Kate were my favorite shows but, when they were cancelled I waited for Hiccups. Hiccups and Dan for mayor are definatly my new faves!

Timothy Martin

Right on Brent/Nancy and crew congrats… I am a bit surprised at your shock although understood, but after CG’s rise how could anyone not expect to see these numbers.

I would just like to know how someone would go about getting a job somewhere umoungst the gang for this next run?? I’m serious I’d quit everything in small town Merritt and move in a heartbeat.

Oh Well YAHOOOOOOO for everyone and Fred too I’m sure you’re all very happy


Yay i’m so glad for you guys.
that show deserves this and much more 🙂 I saw it on youtube Cuz Ilive in Egypt and I told mysself .Now that’s my new favourite canadian show of all time 😛
Thank you brent and all of the cast foer drawing the smiles on our faces 🙂

– Your biggest fan ever
Rudy ( rudy roro in twitter ^^ ) and pinkgl8er2 in youtube 😛 ahahaha


Ilove you Canada 😀
Greetings for all of Canada 😀

Keenan Guillas

Brent, I can’t wait until next Monday! I watched the pilot of Hiccups and loved it. I haven’t laughed that hard in ages. I love Corner Gas, and am buying all the seasons, and the books. I hope Hiccups is successful, for future seasons and DVD releases!

Timothy Martin

OH MY GOD!!!!!!! I just caught the re-run of Hiccup’s and although I’m no critic, I have to say I think it was AWESOME but I do have to say there’s a small downside here. I keep seeing Brent Leroy and Wanda so I htink it’s going to take a long time before you BRENT BUTT will be able to shake the identity it’s like SUPERMAN Once he was superman there was no going back but I’ll keep watching for sure I’m certain things will turn around and we’ll see the new show as the hit to follow…
BY THE WAY PINKGL8er there’s no way your a bigger fan than I am just can’t happen I even once took a drive from B.C. all the way out to the filming of CG on whim. I missed it unfortuanetly but maybe one day

Renelda Matthys D-------

Got cut off whilst blogging here. Anyway… Great show all. I’m so looking forward to watching years and years and years of it. Right, Brent?

…and I got cut off whilst writing the word chutzpa which alas got misspelled in my last blog to you.

Loved the line, “Someone’s been drinking milk.”


Glad to hear the good numbers. Unfortuanetly I was not part of those numbers, although I wanted to be. I live in Indiana, USA and couldn’t find it here. Any help where I could watch it would be greatly appreciated.
Again, good to hear such an awesome start.



Congratulations!! 1.9 million viewers is awesome but not surprising (at least not to your fans!). You guys are all the best at what you do and you’ve proved it for years. The debut was fantastic for both Hiccups and Dan For Mayor and we can’t wait to see more. Thanks for making Canadian tv so much fun and giving us all so much to be proud of!
– Gary
Montreal, Canada


way to go, Mr. B of Cdn TV! i knew you and Miss Nance, could do it again, AND…come out on top!

love your characters, AND…the others on the show! as of right now, Hiccups inex-hales Dan For Mayor, re: for the CTV Hit Show champ belt!

on a side note: i noticed the behind the scenes photo opts, AND…the one with Wanda, now Millie, is with the actress, playing Anna aka Miss R, my comment, THAT…

you are a very lucky man! you get two hot Red and White based babes! one as your wife in real life…AND…one as your wife in small screen world!

i gotta start packing on the pounds, AND…OR, lifting some serious amount of weight!

lol 🙂 😉


I really enjoyed the first two “Hiccups” episodes. I really like your work- thanks for all the laughs!


@Timothy Martin It’s nice that you’re a nice fan but that doesn’t mean that there are no fans like ya 😀
anyways good luck to eveyone in Hiccups!


I must say, I had to be turned onto Corner Gas, but once I watched a few episodes, I was hooked. As I couldn’t imagine anything being any better, imagine my surprise when I laughed the whole way through Hiccups! I absolutely loved it and the second show was even better than the premiere. Congrats to you and the rest of the Hiccups team, it’s a fabulous show and I love the new characters.

Marjorie Nicholson

I missed it. Doggone it, I was waiting for it and company came and I missed it. Where can I watch it before the next one?????


Got hooked on Corner Gas ( That took some work since I live in New Mexico USA) Torrented Hiccups ( sorry but it is the only way I have found to watch your show ) I am hooked agian !

I keep trying to get our booking agent to book your stand up at our theater (1800+ seats) in Albuquerque but since Im but a lowly stage hand Im not having alot of luck . Ill keep trying, I figure since I have to watch so many crud shows , my boss owes me a good one every now and then

Timothy Martin

Oh PinkGl8er… I know that I was just plaiyng with a fellow BB fan that’s all. Those us who even make it to the site here are all great fans and equal. Didn’t meant to offend just teasing.

peace be with us.

As the late greaet BugsBunny once said… I’m such a Maroon….


Congratulations on the ratings for the 1st episode. I hope they continue to be that way for Hiccups and “Dan for Mayor” for the rest of the season as they are both excellent shows.

I’d also like to thank you for creating Corner Gas. My son and I watch it all the time. It reminds me a lot of the little town in South Dakota where I grew up near and was a gas station attendant when I was a teenager (grad 86 too).

PS. If you have any pull with the Corner Gas website store, ask them why they don’t stock the Brent shirt in 3-XL?



I loved Corner Gas and am really looking forward to Hiccups. Here in the states it might be hard to see it regularly, but waiting for the DVD is all right by me. Glad to hear the premier went well and good luck with everything!


I really liked the “Buzz” joke, especially scince Brent entered before Nancy was finished! But I LOVED the ‘purple face’ joke. Is hiis face allways going to be purple on TV or was the “and Mr. Grumpy yelled until face turned purple and it stayed that way forever” just in HER version?
I am soooo proud to have met Mr. Butt and Ms. Robertson at the airport on the way from Vancouver to Hawaii(got their autographs!
#1 Brent Butt fan(not stand up never heard him comedy-ing)
Vancouver, BC


I was right!
OMG Hiccups was AWESOME
Hey, were you kidding about the notril cleaner spoon on the front of your website?
oh well, It’s me, the 11 year old airport gal, and you ROCK!
From Corner Gassers, stand-up fans and new Hiccupers, from the US, Canada or anywhere elese in the world, we are united through this site!
#1 BB Fan

Pam Craig

WOW!!! I met a nice canadian man where I work at Fred Meyers in Bend, OR and he knows Brent or has met him. He is a realtor and was on a visit to our lovely state,,, and he said he sold Gabriella a condo. By the way I saw her on NCIS.So he said Brent is terrific and if he is ever here in Oregon go see him. So maybe Brent will come to Oregon or Washinton??? I am so happy I checked out Brent’s site as now I will check out the show and Nancy is in it!!! I love Nancy. I loved the whole Corner Gas site too. Keep it up Brent you are terriff!!!!!!!! Pam


The third episode was hilarious!! Me and my parents loved the show!! I can’t wait for next weeks episode-and tomorrow. I’m seeing you (Mr.Butt) do stand-up in Niagara Saturday night. I can’t wait! I hope you’re around to sign autographs!! Anyways, keep up the awesome work on Hiccups!
-Huge BB fan,


hi it’s me… AGAIN, anyways, I’m really happy with how well hiccups is going, just like corner gas its a clean family-ish(depends on what your family is like-me im 11 but crap is the onlly swear i’ve ever said but we watch the simpsons and stuff) but now i’m kinda dissapointed(sorry if i spelled that wrong) with dan 4 mayor cuz its not clean anymore what with that gay guy and him kissing claire and calling her ‘the best thing that ever happened to him’ ill still watch it though…
anyway, CG and Hiccups are GREAT.
Ur biggest fan
Elizabeth K
age 11 New Westminster BC Canada

Debbie Richard

Hello Mr. Butt, My husband and I enjoyed the years of Corner gas and your stand up comedy and wish to congratulate you on another wonderful success of Hiccups and Dan for Mayor. We love your humor and writing skills. Please keep up the good work and tell Nancy she married a Gem and you got the Diamond…Good luck and many returns. We look forward to many more excellent shows…
Great Fans
Debbie and Lionel Richard


Injured hand?
Did Brent really injure his hand as portrayed in recent episodes…or is it only part of the plot?


Nope he really did injure his hand and then they had to write it into the plot


I absolutely love Hiccups!
Nancy, aka Wanda is Laugh out Loud funny. I loved her in Corner Gas, and I think she’s the funniest lady in Televison, (and yes I’ve considered Tina Fay)

Thank you brent and the rest of the gang for creating a show that enables Nancy to fully express her talent!

Much Love from Windsor 😀


You might want to check Brent out on twitter as well, you don’t need to sign up to see his tweets and he tends to be able to update them a little more frequently

chuckles snyder

like millions of others i really miss CORNER GAS. in that show you reminded me of myself; slightly sarcastic, but intelligently funny.
no comparison to you, you punny dog river ‘howler’.
when WGN cancelled your show, i gave them a piece of my mind. i live in pittsburgh and i apologize for the lack of appreciation of the high level of fine humor that ‘CORNER’ displayed week in and week out.
i retired two years ago and watching CORNER GAS at 1 a m was

the highlight of my day. you and that cast gave new meaning to funny. if comedy could be equated with scientific achievement, ‘GAS’ would be same as beaming up to ENTERPRISE.

Courtney, Unfortunately

Loved the new show, it’s my current favorite. Have all the Corner Gas seasons. Glad it went over well. Keep it up.



I think you’re a genius at comedy. Corner gas reflects my life in a million ways and each one I’ve seen is hilairious. I’m like the biggest fan EVER of corner gas!!! I’ve read the “Dog river confidential” books which says some things that are good to know. I haven’t missed a single episode of hiccups which I just love. In my opinion I think hiccups is better than Dan for mayor. Hiccups has a hilarious theme. Dan for mayor is kind of all over the place for me. In hiccups Nancy is hilarious and is perfect for the part Millie. I love the endings with the episode put out in the grumpaloo’s version of the episode because it’s the best way to put the story. I do miss corner gas a lot though. Are you going to have like a come back episode for holidays and stuff? If so that would be great!!

Jess, age 11


I love Hiccups… did not miss one show. Plus my kids got me watching Corner Gas.
I also saw you at the Canadian Molson House during the Olympics, you kept teasing us about being from Delta….lol

The company I work for has an indoor family entertainment center in Langley, called The Great Escape. http://www.thege.ca – I can just see Milly in there doing a kids autograph signing, she goes wild on the fun events, getting the manager mad, maybe even Brent trying to keep up with her. It holds 300 people. Just an idea to kick around, and maybe get me a good word in with the boss…lol
Would make a great show.

Debs Carsey

We have watched all the Hiccups episodes several times, which is tough to do in the US, but our CA friends keep us up on the latest.Living in California we were introduced to to CG by a friend. We now have all the seasons. Both hubby and I are hooked beyond all reason. Seriously scary to admit that we run the shows pretty much all day. Every time we see an episode we catch a new joke. We then put away the shows for a couple months, but eventually we start missing Dog River and have to watch them again.

Hiccups is just getting steam. The toon part wonderful unique concept that reminds me of a show back in the 70’s where the father was a cartoonist. Can’t recall the name of it though..

It’s good to see I’m not the only one who doesn’t really get into the whole “blog” thing.

lizzie jhk

Hi Mr. Butt, loved corner gas. my favorite show ever! i’ve spent lots of time watching reruns when i should be doing myy homework. hahaha. i am 12 years old and i do wish you’d post more on the blog. i would love to hear from you. i met you and nancy once at the airport on the way to hawaii. it was the best day of my life. i cried with happiness. i hope to meet you once again. you have inspired me very much. best regards,
Lizzie 🙂

thomas williams

Love you work on all your shows i live in the states and suffer from sever depression and when i really get down i pop in a Corner Gas episode and watch a couple and it always helps to get me feeling better. I have also been able to watch Hiccups first season and it kicks A!!! I just want to thank you and Nancy and all the others from Corner Gas and now Hiccups that help bring some light in to my day thank you from the bottom of my heart and mat God bless all of you Thomas


OMG I love both shows corner gas and hiccups both are amazing show
I can NOT stop watching the show


Hello from America where I cannot see Hiccups unless I can watch it on the homepage :(. Yeah its upsetting, but at least I can stream them on the net! Bravo dear friend! Much success in season 2!


My good man, you are a gentleman and a scholar. But above those you are “Hot-Soup-Hilarious”! But I gotta know when Season 2 of Hiccups is coming, because otherwise my head will explode! You are very loved down here in Chicago, so please push for this show to air in America! Otherwise I’ll have to wait forever until Season 2 comes out on DVD, and then my head will have exploded by then, and I’ll be watching Hiccups with the Angels! God Bless,
P.S. Nancy Robertson is one of my role models and heroes.


I stumbled across Hiccups and absolutely LOVE it!!! Now I have everyone I know watching it. I never heard of Corner Gas before and now my friends and I get together to watch all the past seasons! Love that show too. Please bring more of these quality shows to America!!!


Holy cr** I would just die if Brent had a stand up show for kids it would be amazing I would go crazy maybe if you read this brent you could consider this and autograph pics after thanx
Ur biggest fan

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