I know, I know… I should be going over the lines and learning the scenes that we’re shooting tomorrow.  But here’s the thing: I have a blog to write.  And Twitters to Tweet,… and I also have to think about what to have as a snack (gotta keep my strength up, right?) and as if that isn’t enough, there’s a hockey game on TV.  So, what’s a red-blooded Canadian boy to do?  Hang on… Montreal just scored.  Okay I’m back.

Well if I’m not going to do my work, the least I can do is blog about my work.  To that end I’ll tell you that today we shot the scene where Stan (my character) meets Millie (Nancy’s character) for the first time.  It was a lot of fun and Nancy is so funny it was hard for me to keep a straight face during shooting.  The crew seems very excited about the show, and they seem to be enjoying the scenes – so that’s a good sign.  I mean, they don’t HAVE to enjoy the scenes – we’re paying them anyway.  This is encouraging.  I don’t mind saying: I truly have a good feeling about what we’re shooting.  I’ll try to keep you all up to date as often as possible.


steve lange

KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!,and please send me season 6 of CG on dvd, they didnt show it here in ohio(basterds)..how did the show end..?..thanks..steve/merri in ohio


Can’t wait to see it! We found Corner Gas on WGN America here in the U.S. and it quickly became our favorite. We’re working our way through the DVDs now thanks to Netflix. Any chance we’ll be able to watch episodes over the Web rather than waiting for the DVDs here in the U.S.?


Thanks for taking the time to update us on what’s going on. 🙂

It’s a few days early, but Happy Halloween to you and Nancy. Do you two have any plans?

Karen McCarty

Hi Brent & Nancy!
A big hello from the big metropolis (village) of Ruthven, here in sunny southern Ontario. We’re close to the most southerly point of Canada, Point Pelee National Park, a “birders” paradise. Don’t know if you’re “birders”, but I sure am a “Corner Gaser” (that doesn’t sound right). I own all 6 seasons, & enjoy them over & over again. Actually being menopausal is convenient-the forgetfulness means the jokes are always new! Brent you remind me of my 3 brothers (I just wrote ‘bothers’), with your fanatic love of Can. sports, your dry humour, & your truly Can. expressions (holy crow). I look forward to your new show & hope it lasts 10 years! Any chance of turning “Corner Gas” into a movie? It could be 10 years into the future, & some of you could be married with kids. Could you imagine Hank as a father? or Oscar as a grandfather? that would be great! Anyway, you’re the writer. If you ever need a sunny down-home farm (orchards, fruits, veggies) community to make a series in, feel free to drop around & check us out. Not only do we have birds, the close-by town of Leamington is the home of H.J.Heinz Co. of Can. We have a giant tomato right downtown! Talk about having it all-birds, tomatoes, fruits & veggies! I’d personally make you a pie with any one of those ingredients in it!
Time to sign off now. If I can’t fall asleep, I just put in another Corner Gas, & happily drift off, dreaming of chili cheese dogs & coffee…
sincerely drooling,
Karen McCarty

steve lange

hey brent,check out the new episode of the office, they stole your favior idea..hope you sue them.

Peter Ferguson

Hey Brent… I’ve been watching “Canada’s Worst Driver” on the Discovery Channel, and there’s a fellow there by the name of “Mike Butt” from Saskatchewan? Any relation?

Duncan Guy

Best wishes. Wanted to say most of our group enjoys Corner Gas. Looking forward to seeing this new show.
We posted a pic of you on our site, http://www.duncanguyband.com under photos and special encounters (yes we consider you special!). You might even like our stuff!
Rag on,

Robert Bates

Hello Brent,
Hope everything is going well on filming, I haven’t seen anything updated here or seen anything on twitter. I can’t wait to see new show. I’m not sure where I can watch it,wgn used to play it but before season six they went retro, they had the hottest show on tv.I’m hoping to have season six for Christmas. Take care.
Robert Bates
Canton, Ohio

Rowdy Swinford

Haven’t been so addicted to a show since the “Rifleman” when I was eight. (Hope this is the correct use of quotations ? and ()?


That’s so goo . Ya know ? everytime I see some updates I feel like the days for seeinghiccpus are too long Haha I wanna see it NOW !! 🙂
Good luck you all .

– all the best


Brit just moved to Canada….Corner Gas only funny thing here. The rest is snow.

Timothy Martin

WAY TO GO JACKASS…. Hey Brent I wanted to ask you a question that’s been bugging me for years. At one time in the early 90’s we built and opened a comedy clud in Surrey B.C. called Sir Laff-a-Lots it was based on mid evil knights, stuff like that. Anyway’s my brother keeps asking me if I remember you perforning at our club but for the life of I can’t remember this and I think it’s just a case of wishful thinking? Did you play at our club? If so I’d sure love to put this one to bed..
Thanks Brent and good luck with new ventures.


Caught the show last night at Nepean’s Centrepoint Theatre (Ottawa), and it was GREAT!

Even Jamie Hutchinson’s opening act was great…and I really didn’t mind him trashing curling, because, as a big fan, I couldn’t help but notice that he was talking about curling!

But around the end, Brent tried to draw the audience out and ask questions like:

What’s the best place for drinking in town? Where do people go to dance? Who’s a great local musician (that didn’t immediately leave town)?

And for each question, I kept thinking, doesn’t he know this is Ottawa? And it took me HOURS to realize that was a joke.

I mean, Brent may be good in-bed, Bay Street Bankers may be good in-chair, but me and most of the audience were good in-couch. If there’d been couches all around the theatre, man, we would have had some snappy answers and funny leading questions, but nope, we were a hyper lame group and the best we could come up with was, would you let me take my picture with you? (and could you show me how to work my camera?) and would you sign my shirt? (nope, not what you’re hoping…) And the amazing thing was, everyone seemed to enjoy that. We knew we were lame, and it was fun to see a few pics and autographs, and it was wall-to-wall smiles on the way out.

But the correct Ottawa answers were:
Best place for dancing: Hull
Best place for music: Mouton Noir/Black Sheep in Wakefield, 25 minute’s drive north of Hull (if you like folk, and if you don’t…why not give it another try?)
Best place to drink: at home
Local singers: umm…ever listened to yourself in the shower?

(Sorry, I haven’t explored the site enough to see if there’s a better spot for my comment.)

Timothy Martin

Hi Again… GET OUT NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!! I hope your reply “I sure did” pertains to my question about the comedy club. If this is the case I’ll never forgive myself cause I guess I must have been off that day chalk one up for my older brother JUST GREAT…. I live in small town Merritt and am looking forward to the new show we seriously need some giggles here. Hey did you ever get whacked by mom or dad with your hotwheels race track when you were a kid ? Hahaha some of the stuff you came up with on CG about growing up sure sounds like most of us in the 40’s age group and brings back funny memories for sure. Thanks again we’re all quietly waiting for Hiccups.
P.S. I’ve seen a BIgFoot

Timothy Martin

We did pay you for playing right ? hahahaha that makes me laugh cause it would be a proud day for me to be in debt to Brent Butt lol after all this time. We had tried to hire Roseanne Barr back then too but she wanted something like $100,000.00 for one night so we told her agent we’d have to pass and in case you didn’t know this we built that whole cultured stone stage and turrets all by ourslelves it sure turned out good. Nowaday we have our company http://www.tanman.ca and things are selling all over the world now.

Timothy Martin

Hey People.. Is there a BB/CG soon to be Hiccup’s area for us millions to get together and swap stories?

Ron Croft

Mr. Butt;
Good Luck on “Hiccups”!!! If it’s half as funny as “Corner Gas” it will be the funniest thing on TV …. not just Canadian TV either 🙂
Cheers, Ron


Hello Brent
I can’t wait to see you in Oakville, on April 1 (coincidence) I already have my ticket (front row yeahhhhhhhh)
also can’t wait for the new show.
Corner Gas Forever
take care and I’ll see you soon.


I am 11 years old and soooooo totally pepped for hiccups:)
you and nancy are the coolest celebraties ever!
I’ve been watching corner gas for 2 years, and loved every minute!


Hey! Hard work pays off in the long run, but procrastinating pays off right NOW!!

Larry Hellerman

Great show Brent, it relieved the shaking for those of us missing our weekly corner gas fix, I have no doubt you are in for a long and successful run

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