The only real social media I participate in is Twitter, and I do enjoy it.  It’s easy, requires little commitment, and most people on there actually seem quite cool.    There’s the odd knob, sure, but you’re going to encounter some dim dorks in any environment, no reason to expect the internet to be any different.

Lately I’ve been posting some tweets about my upcoming movie “NO CLUE”.  Most of my Twitter followers are in the loop about this, because it’s something I’ve been working on (and talking about) for over two years now.  But there are also some newer folks who have just joined the discussion, and some of them have been asking “what’s No Clue?”  Well, Twitter isn’t the best place to try and explain anything because it only lets a person write 140 characters at a time.  So I thought I’d bang off a quick little blog post that explains what NO CLUE is.

NO CLUE is a feature film that I wrote and that my production company, Sparrow Media Co., is producing.  It’s an exciting time, because it’s the first film we’ve ever done – it’s always been TV up to now.  The process of getting the project from the page to the screen has been very tough and tricky, because making a feature film is a totally different animal than making a TV show.  Luckily, Sparrow’s VP and head of Business Affairs is Laura Lightbown, who just happens to be a really, really, really smart person.  She was able to navigate and juggle and negotiate and wrestle with all the various elements that need to be lined up in a very specific way so that it could all come together.  We started the process about three years ago, and we came close to closing the deal a few times, only to have it fall apart, and that was tough.  But ultimately, we got it done.  I learned a great deal from watching Laura work at this (and by asking her about 500 questions a day) and for that I will always be hugely grateful to her.  Thanks Laura! (She’ll never see this, because she doesn’t do “the Twitter thing”.)  Anyway, those who have been following me for awhile have heard me talk about this movie for some time – even saying that we were going to start shooting soon – but we never did.  I am happy to announce that it is now OFFICIAL.  NO CLUE is a go, and we begin shooting on Monday (Oct.15, 2012).

But, you may ask, what is NO CLUE about?  Well, if you want me to put a genre label on it, I’d have to say “comedic mystery thriller”.  It’s a comedy, for sure, but I wanted to write a script that wasn’t a zany or wacky comedy.  I wanted to write a real, honest-to-goodness, mystery thriller that just HAPPENS to be funny.  I’m a big fan of detective movies and mysteries in general, so I wanted to honour the genre in that way, and make a movie that would work even if it weren’t funny.  And then it happens to be funny because the main character is in a bit over his head.  That’s the plan, anyway.  We’ll see if it works.  We have put together an AMAZING cast, including Amy Smart, David Koechner, David Cubitt, Dustin Milligan, Dan Payne, and Kirsten Prout all bringing their skills to the project to help create a twisting and intriguing “whodunit”.  Oh,…and there’ll also be me, as the guy trying to figure the whole mess out.  We’ve also wrangled Carl Bessai to direct the film – a truly talented and visionary storyteller.

I can’t express how excited I am to finally start shooting NO CLUE, and I hope that when it hits the theatres you’ll all venture out of your warm homes to visit your local picture house to see it.  And if I can ask a favour of you, please TALK ABOUT IT with your friends and family and co-workers, to help create a bit of buzz around it.  Everything helps.  In the meantime, stay tuned to Twitter and join the BB BULLETINS mailing list on this website for updates, photos and videos from behind the scenes as we make an honest-to-goodness MOVIE!!!  Who knows?  If it does well, perhaps it will be the first in a string of movies.  At any rate, thanks so much for your ongoing support over the years.  It really means the world to me.




Sylvain& Kerri

Congras on your new venture and we did spread the word this summer looking forward to see the end result sylvain&kerri


The world can always use a good laugh and i will be looking forward to watching your movie “NO CLUE”. Funny and Brent Butt go hand in hand .


First off, cungratchamalyshums!

Secondly, is there distribution set for the States, or just Canada?


Hi Brent! I’m a diehard Corner Gas fan( I tape every episode that comes on and have seen every episode quite a few times) so I’m definitely excited to hear you’ve got a movie coming up. But the big question with me and I think every other diehard corner gas fan is I was wondering if you were thinking of possibly rounding up the old gang together for a Corner Gas sequel, movie or ( best possible scenario) a new season?!
Thanks an good luck on your movie, can’t wait to see it!!!

Irene Hamilton

I am excited about your NO CLUE movie. Hubby Ken and I never missed an episode of CORNER GAS. Your people are our kind of people. Real people. I’d like to say that you inspired me to write THE SLOBS (in process) but would be a bit pushy of me. Excited to catch your NO CLUE the day it hits our Grande Prairie theatres. Congtrats. GIGGLES was also a darn good sitcom but there will never be anything like CORNER GAS. I expect NO CLUE is right around the corner.

We’ll gather up the whole gang for the debut!

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