Exciting (…dare I say…”HUGE”) news about my debut novel!

YouTube video


Dean Lachiusa

This is HUGE, and I’d like to help promote you on my network of Broadcast and Roku/FireTV channels. I’m Movies Plus TMN, partnering with iHolyfield TV “Over-the Air” in my hometown of Detroit, and across the US. Internationally on Roku and Amazon Fire TV. If (if) you care to permit me to re-broadcast your Youtube or other Videos, then I could place them on my channels. Is it as big as CTV? No, but it’s close, about 1 Million Subscribers on TV-APPS and another 1 Million OTA. Cheers! PS: I sent a Tweet to Nancy regarding my plans to shoot “Ruby’s” — a fan-film that uses Wordology similar to my independently published book “O.G. Chronicles” linked on my website.


Thank you for producing a well written show like Corner Gas that had the right actors,and did a perfect job of interpreting your thoughts. Good Job !
P.s. Say thank you to Nancy too please.
Your BIG fans Mark,Kathleen and Robbie (son)

Dale Pawlick

Just want to thank you and your cast members for years of entertainment and laughs galore!! 👍👍❤️❤️❤️

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