Exciting (…dare I say…”HUGE”) news about my debut novel!

YouTube video


Dean Lachiusa

This is HUGE, and I’d like to help promote you on my network of Broadcast and Roku/FireTV channels. I’m Movies Plus TMN, partnering with iHolyfield TV “Over-the Air” in my hometown of Detroit, and across the US. Internationally on Roku and Amazon Fire TV. If (if) you care to permit me to re-broadcast your Youtube or other Videos, then I could place them on my channels. Is it as big as CTV? No, but it’s close, about 1 Million Subscribers on TV-APPS and another 1 Million OTA. Cheers! PS: I sent a Tweet to Nancy regarding my plans to shoot “Ruby’s” — a fan-film that uses Wordology similar to my independently published book “O.G. Chronicles” linked on my website.


Thank you for producing a well written show like Corner Gas that had the right actors,and did a perfect job of interpreting your thoughts. Good Job !
P.s. Say thank you to Nancy too please.
Your BIG fans Mark,Kathleen and Robbie (son)

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