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Bob terry

Thank you so much for Corner Gas. It’s great. I have watched all the episodes twice now.

Ursula Perko

Hi! We just found your show on Amazon (We live way down here in Colorado) and love love love it!!! If you’re ever on tour down this way we will definitelcome to see you! Thanks for the great laughs! You make our day every day!

Lucy Stedam

PLEASE DON’T STOP writing Corner Gas! I’m binge watching all episodes now & it’s WONDERFUL. It brings back a lot of funny memories. I’ve been having a very difficult existence since 2000. My life has been turned upside down & inside out. Between the government’s, & other federal & state agencies interference with my civil rights for individualized private medical care; my body being destroyed by osteoarthritis, & several other physical problems; I’m forced to merely exist & not live life to it’s fullest. I’ve had several extensive surgeries. I’m not able to get out & do a lot of things. It’s very frustrating. In 2010 my 28yr.old son took his life. After my son’s death my Mother passed away, & later my oldest sister. These last 12yrs have been almost too much to endure.
Having a great show like yours to watch gives me something to laugh about. I’ve recalled characters &/or comments I’ve made, heard, or possibly experienced at some time during my life.
Your show is extremely entertaining without trying to influence or sway anyones social or political views.
Please please please try to keep Corner Gas as it is & keep it on the air. Please help a broken hearted, disabled, young at heart, woman, have something to laugh at. Thank you


Hi Lucy,
I am so sorry to hear of the difficult times you’ve had over the past few years, and I’m warmed to know that our Corner Gas shows have provided you some comfort through it all. Unfortunately, after 107 live action episodes, and a full-length feature film, and almost 50 more animated episodes, the show has run its course. We are all creative people and as such, we need to create. That means building new things that weren’t there before, or we aren’t being true to ourselves. I was truly blessed to have been able to make Corner Gas for almost 20 years of my life and even more blessed that it found an audience who enjoyed the show. But all good things… no matter HOW good… must come to an end. I hope the re-runs will still provide you with some enjoyment, smiles, and comfort.
Sending you all my best wishes,

Chad garrett

From iowa, fantastic show. Sad it’s over but I’m looking forward to more laughs from you guys in other projects.

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