The theatrical run of CORNER GAS: THE MOVIE is now behind us. It was a limited special event run, as part of Cineplex’s ‘Front Row Centre’ offerings. The response from people was truly incredible – beyond what we could have hoped. There were reports of sold out theatres from all across this big old country, and night after night we were blown away by the support and positive messages from you awesome people. The cast and crew and screenwriters have been truly and honestly gobsmacked by all this. I’ll never be able to say thank you enough, but if there was ever a practical use for Avogadro’s Number, it would be to calculate my gratitude.

During the theatrical run, and since, a tremendous amount of people… you heard me… a TREMENDOUS AMOUNT… have been asking me on Twitter (and occasionally in person) about when they can see CORNER GAS: THE MOVIE on TV, or when it will be available on DVD/BluRay. The best way to answer those questions is to post a quick info blurb up here on my site. This, ladies and gentlemen, is that very blurb.

* If you have TheMovieNetwork here in Canada, the movie will begin playing on Dec.8. A quick check of my electronic calendar informs me that is today.

* It will then air via what is being called a “Super Simulcast” (dramatic!) on Dec.17, whereby it will be broadcast on CTV, CTV2, CTVGo and the CraveTV steaming platform.

* Following that, it will air on TheComedyNetwork.

* It becomes available on DVD and BluRay as of Dec.16.   You can pre-order now on, or at the online store at

* As for VOD… uh… I don’t know. When I get that info, I will update this post (so feel free to check back often.)

Thanks again for your continued interest, and incredible support over the years. It is truly and greatly appreciated.


Anne and John Botta

Especially touched by singing our national anthem and tearing up when everyone in the theatre stood up and sang. It was a full house and we all laughed and cried and felt kind of innocent again.
(Georgetown, ON)

Paul Palmer

Happened across the blog while offering condolences for your mother’s passing on a secondhand FB post through Billy Mitchell. I can relate somewhat, having lost close family quite close to Christmas, My mother on Dec 21, ’81, and my favorite cousin a few years later on a Christmas Day. (My dad, ever the contrarian, went in Summer on my first wife’s birthday. The things people will do to avoid cake…) Went with my daughter Eva to see the movie at the theater. She is a huge fan, and didn’t miss a stick of trivia. I don’t know of a lot of other 12 year olds with her encyclopedic knowledge of the show. And yes, we are not only recording the TV event, but the DVD will be making an appearance in her Christmas stocking. Sorry about the poor reviews from North Korea. Hang in. Laughter never goes too far.

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