SPY & Rye

Graham Clark (bearded) and Dave Shumka (rooster tails) invited me to be the guest on another episode of their terrific podcast, known around the worldwide web as STOP PODCASTING YOURSELF (SPY).  Look at us.  Do we know how to have fun, or what?

***NOTE: No tamborines were harmed or played in the making of this podcast.


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This was quite hilarious to listen to. Much laughing out loud, which makes the family stare because I was listening with headphones on.
I confess that I haven’t seen your TV work. But now I’m inspired to check it out. (I see on your schedule you’re playing Edmonton, but not at the mall. Chin up, someday you’ll get to do a show there.) We live in Toronto, so it looks like the closest you get to us is Markham. Or will you be doing a show closer to downtown?
Anyway thanks for the laughs, and I guess I’ll click that YouTube link to the right now.

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