Last night was the final night of filming on my movie “No Clue”.  It was an amazing and surreal experience.  Very surreal actually.  I remember, plain as day, being a fat little kid sitting in the movie theatre back in my hometown, cramming popcorn into my fat little face and thinking “I want to make a movie some day.”  So here I am – a mere three (maybe four) decades later – having wrapped production of my very own movie, starring my very own fat little face!  Ok… not so little… but, my face!  And now that shooting is complete, I want to take a moment to thank all the other faces in the movie.

Firstly, Amy Smart came on board to play Kyra, the beautiful and mysterious damsel in distress.  Working with her was about as enjoyable an experience as I’ve ever had – fun, funny, razor sharp, and incredibly talented.  The HILARIOUS David Koechner stepped up to play my buddy Ernie, and he is (as always) equal parts loveable and hysterical.  David Cubitt came in to play the morally questionable businessman, Mr.Horn.  I have been a fan of his for many years, and when he agreed to do this, I was so thrilled.  Dan Payne brought his immense talent (and size) to the role of Church – a dark and dangerous individual. Dustin Milligan and Kirsten Prout rounded out the main cast, respectively playing a shifty computer game programmer and a spoiled little rich girl who is unaccustomed to not getting her way.  All their performances are flat-out fantastic!  There are also a number of other very talented and terrific actors who came on to do day roles (including a very hilarious cameo) and I am very grateful to them for lending their skills to this project.  Honestly, there isn’t a weak link in the bunch.  Although,… they say if you can’t see the patsy, you’re probably the patsy.  So there’s always the possibility the weak link is me… and I can live with that.

I also want to thank the incredible crew, led by the visionary director Carl Bessai.  The stuff they were able to pull off with limited resources is truly staggering.  The dailies look incredible.  You know what it looks like?…It looks like a damn good movie, that’s what it looks like!   Carl, you are one talented S.O.B.

I also want to thank everyone at Alliance and Myriad for their expertise, their support, and their faith.

Now the process of post-production begins: editing, colour correcting, marketing etc., all of which is also fun and enjoyable.  It will be at least a year until this thing hits the festivals and theatres (likely even a bit longer than that) but when it does, it’s my hope that I can appeal to all of you to help with getting word out about this film.  We won’t have the kind of advertising budget that the big Hollywood machines will have, so word of mouth is going to be hugely important.  When we have a trailer cut together, I’ll post a link to it on Twitter.  Please watch the trailer, and if you think the movie looks good, please tell folks about it, and pass the link on to as many people as possible.  If you think the movie looks horrible, then just pass the link on to people you hate.

Thanks for everything everybody.




Karen Tipton

So happy to hear this. Can’t wait. Will we be able to see in USA?

Ann Dusseault

Hi Brent…

Good Luck with your film. I’ll be happy to pass the word when I get it…If it is half as amusing and talented as you are it is sure to be a hit. Stay well. Ann

Steve Tripp

Hi Brent
will keep everything crossed the film makes it to the english shores. have introduced you and corner gas to the guys here and they loved it.
i would go and watch the filum if it does make it here.
cheers and all the best

Fitzy's Granny

Hi Gorgeous! I’m still doing a gig here and a gig there, chatting about “What’s So Funny About Saskatchewan?” And of course you and everything you touch (including Nancy) are a major part of my ramblings! So tomorrow I begin promoting “No Clue!” to the Superannuated Teachers of Regina luncheon! Keep me posted as things progress!
(Hugs to Nancy too!)

Tim Martindale Surrey BC

Hiya Brent..

I came across some pic’s at my brothers place of when you played at our comedy club back in the early 90’s in Surrey hahaha man it was a blast then wish we had of stayed in touch cause we sure laughed are Butts off (no pun intended really really) that night. I”m sure you get idea’s tossed at you all the time and you must just try to be polite and then run like hell lol but here’s another one … Because your climb to famedom basically was because of Corner Gas, I think it would be awesome to see a movie from Bent Leroy’s perspective from growing up til now. SO many of us 40 something guys can remember quite clearly the TOYS in one CG epidode where Emma gave them all to Hank hahaha Man I can remember a few smacks on the bottom from my mom and my hotwheels tracks.. DARN THOSE THINGS.
Peace Brother it’s always nice to see you doing something.

Irene Hamilton

Congrats on NO CLUE, BRENT! I am very likely your biggest fan (not literally!!) We still brag about Corner Gas as though it were our very own.

I am in the middle of finishing a Spec Script for a humor sitcom that I will title: THE SLOB… a take off on my novella, HEADS UP with GLADYS TRIPALONG.

When I am totally satisfied with the finished product, I hope you will take a look at it!

Irene Hamilton, world famous author (well, kind of!!)

Irene Hamilton

Hi Brent. I am at the point in my SLOBS sitcom episodes where I would be pleased to forward a query letter. With your permission?

I know you are crazy, crazy busy!

Irene Hamilton

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