IT IS NOW OFFICIAL!!! My movie NO CLUE will make it’s World Premier at the Whistler Film Festival on Dec.5 at 7pm (a second matinee screening will be Dec.7 at 1pm).  So if you’re in the Whistler area, why not come to a world film premier?  Gonna be a lot of fun.  And laughs.  And popcorn.  I’ll be dressed snazzily.  Also, if you have any friends or family in Whistler (or Pemberton or Squamish etc.) tell them to come on out!  We really want to pack the theatre!  Share the info:


Tim Martindale Surrey BC

ALRIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve got a girlfriend who lives in Squamish so we’re going to be there for sure I wouldn’t miss this for the world.

Ah man it’s about time

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