Me at Wrigley Field


Another candidate for “most surreal moment of my life” – me throwing out the first pitch at a Chicago Cubs game at Wrigley Field.

Me and Mike Weir


Me and Mike Weir at a fundraiser.  We should raise money to buy me a flash for my camera.

Me and Leslie Nielsen


Me and Leslie Nielsen doing a sketch onstage for the Celebration Gala for Saskatchewan’s 100th birthday.  The Queen of England was there watching.  Later I sang to her – which is, to date, the most surreal moment of my life.

Me and Dougie Gilmor


Me and Dougie Gilmor playing in a charity fundraising hockey game.

Me and Daniel Negreanu


Me and poker whiz, Daniel Negreanu at the 2007 Grey Cup (which the Roughriders won, P.S.)

Me and “Captain” Jack


Me and another comedic hero of mine – “Captain” Jack Duffy.  I loved watching him on Party Game back in the 70’s and was thrilled to be able to get him on Corner Gas for a cameo.  R.I.P. Cap.

Me and the Suze


Me and the Suze – David Suzuki.  That’s right.  I’m saving the planet, one celebrity photo at a time.