In Memory of My Mom.

It is with deep, profound sadness that I write this post, but here it is.


We received news today that my mother passed away this morning, shortly after 9am (Saskatchewan time). She had been weak and ill for a fairly long time – spending most of the past year either in hospital or care home. Back in June, all seven of her children travelled to Saskatoon, where she lay in hospital, not expected to survive the night. We gathered around her bed and said our tearful goodbyes and waited for news of her passing. The night came and went, and the next,…and the next,…and on the third day she woke up and said to my sister “Do they not have any toast in this place?” My sister sent me a text message saying “I think I’m hallucinating!” with a photo of our mother eating peanut butter and jam toast and watching The Price is Right on TV. We were all gobsmacked, but at the same time there was a part of us that wasn’t surprised. Our mom was a tough, depression-era farm woman who pushed through whatever life threw at her, without complaint. She had little time for complaining, or complainers. As children we often heard the phrase “You got a full belly and a dry bum, what are you moaning about?” Knowing what she and my father, who passed away in 1982, had gone through in their lives – poverty, illness, World War 2 (my father fought overseas), the loss of an infant son, and raising seven children on an impossibly tight salary, made us wary of complaining. They were reasonable about it – anyone was allowed to grouse about something for awhile – but say your piece, air your grievance, and then shut up and move on – life is tough enough without having to listen to a bunch of whining. It was a solid way to grow up, and it forged a sense of perspective in us that, to this day, helps provide a bit of context to life’s ups and downs. So when our mother made this rather miraculous rebound from the brink of death, we knew her toughness had something to do with it. Not only that, but she thought it was hilarious that we had all gathered around her bed to say goodbye, and then she didn’t go anywhere. She had no real memory of that window of time, but she would laugh and say “I had you all pretty worried, eh?” Her recovery afforded us some extra time and some extra laughs that we never expected to get. Once, when I was visiting her recently, she said “Are you worried about me dying?” And I said “Nothing you do surprises me mother. If you passed away tomorrow it wouldn’t surprise me. And if you came bouncing down the hall on a pogo stick, that wouldn’t surprise me either.” That made her laugh. And making Mom laugh was about the best feeling in the world. She was a great laugher. You could get her going to the point where she just kind of shook and made a slight, high-pitched squeaking sound. When she was laughing like that, we would call her Precious Pup, and that would get her going even harder – wiping tears from her eyes. Dad could always make her laugh too. We may not have had a lot growing up, but we had a lot of laughs. And we were never cold, and never hungry, and always felt secure in our old house, and that had everything to do with our parents. Losing Dad just after my sixteenth birthday was sudden and unexpected and a tremendous shock. It flattened us all, and devastated my mother. It took her a long time to rally from that, and at the time it was just she and I at home (I’m the youngest of her children, and the others had all moved away by that time.) So we had a few years at home where it was just Mom and me, and as close as we were before, we grew incredibly close during that period of our lives. Even though she had been in a steady, steep decline these past weeks, and we all knew this was coming, losing her today simply and plainly crushes a part of me that won’t ever heal entirely. But that’s only because I loved her very much, and when you love someone that much, that’s the price you have to pay when you lose them.   It hurts like hell, but I feel so truly blessed that I got to pay that price.

I’m going to miss that laugh.


We love you Mom. Rest in Peace.



The theatrical run of CORNER GAS: THE MOVIE is now behind us. It was a limited special event run, as part of Cineplex’s ‘Front Row Centre’ offerings. The response from people was truly incredible – beyond what we could have hoped. There were reports of sold out theatres from all across this big old country, and night after night we were blown away by the support and positive messages from you awesome people. The cast and crew and screenwriters have been truly and honestly gobsmacked by all this. I’ll never be able to say thank you enough, but if there was ever a practical use for Avogadro’s Number, it would be to calculate my gratitude.

During the theatrical run, and since, a tremendous amount of people… you heard me… a TREMENDOUS AMOUNT… have been asking me on Twitter (and occasionally in person) about when they can see CORNER GAS: THE MOVIE on TV, or when it will be available on DVD/BluRay. The best way to answer those questions is to post a quick info blurb up here on my site. This, ladies and gentlemen, is that very blurb.

* If you have TheMovieNetwork here in Canada, the movie will begin playing on Dec.8. A quick check of my electronic calendar informs me that is today.

* It will then air via what is being called a “Super Simulcast” (dramatic!) on Dec.17, whereby it will be broadcast on CTV, CTV2, CTVGo and the CraveTV steaming platform.

* Following that, it will air on TheComedyNetwork.

* It becomes available on DVD and BluRay as of Dec.16.   You can pre-order now on, or at the online store at

* As for VOD… uh… I don’t know. When I get that info, I will update this post (so feel free to check back often.)

Thanks again for your continued interest, and incredible support over the years. It is truly and greatly appreciated.


Here’s the LINK to the official movie trailer for CORNER GAS: THE MOVIE.  Please feel free to share this link with every human you know.  Many thanks!



Here’s the FULL OFFICIAL movie poster for CORNER GAS: THE MOVIE.

In theatres Dec.3 for 5 DAYS ONLY!!!


IT’S OFFICIAL!  Corner Gas: The Movie will be released in Cineplex theatres on DEC.3 – for 5 days only!!! So make sure you get out there and see it on the big screen.  What theatres/cities/towns it plays in hasn’t been decided yet, so let the decision-makers know you want it, by going to and click your area to #LightUpTheMap and show them where you want it!  Get other folks in your town to weigh in too, so they know the demand is there.

In the meantime, here’s a couple sneak peaks.  One… The official movie poster…



HELP US SPREAD THE WORD!  Tell your friends, ReTweet, Share,… and we hope to see you in theatres DEC.3!  THANKS VERY MUCH!


I’m happy and proud and tickled and pink to announce NO CLUE is now available on DVD and for download.  You can find it on iTunes (for either purchase or rental) as well, you can buy it online in Canada and the U.S. through Amazon.

In Canada:

In U.S.:

Rent it on YouTube here:

I’m told it’s also available for purchase at most DVD retail outlets, if you care to actually get out and go for a stroll to your local movie jobber!  Give them a call first – make sure they have it.  If they don’t, raise holy hell!

Also,… you know,… if you’re of the mind to,… you could really help us out a lot by spreading the word and telling your friends, family, co-workers, strangers on the bus… whoever seems like they might enjoy a funny movie.

Watch the OFFICIAL TRAILER here:  httpv://

Thanks very much!

– Brent

PRIME THE PUMPS! (We’re Coming Back)

The last episode of Corner Gas hit the airwaves on April 13, 2009 and was watched by the largest television audience of any Canadian scripted program in history.  It was a bitter sweet day for all of us involved.  It had been bitter sweet since the day I decided we should wrap it up and close up the pumps.  Since that time, there have been two questions that I hear wherever I go in this country.

1)   Why did you stop making Corner Gas?

2)   Is there ever going to be a Corner Gas movie?

To tackle question #1 first, as I am prone to do, my answer is this:  We had done 107 episodes, six years of filming, and I simply did not want the show to go on too long.  I did not want to see it get old and tired and stale.  It was far too special to let it just wither on the vine.  This show deserved a fate that would allow the fruit to always be sweet,… if I may be so sappy and maudlin.  But, in the back of my mind, I always knew I wanted to return one more time.

And that brings me to question #2.  The answer is “yes”.  And if the logical question #3 is “When?”… my answer is “now”.  As in “this summer”.

So let’s make it official, right here and now.  We ARE doing a Corner Gas movie.  We’ll be calling it “Corner Gas: The Movie” (a lot of late nights spent brainstorming that one) and we WILL start shooting this summer.  (Third week of June.)  And the best part about it all…?  The entire original cast is coming back to reprise their roles.  Gabrielle Miller, Fred Ewanuik, Eric Peterson, Janet Wright, Lorne Cardinal, Tara Spencer-Nairn and Nancy Robertson.  Oh, and me….don’t forget me!  I’ll be there too!  I’ll be the glib guy in the blue shirt.

Also, the original story for this script was dreamed up by me and two other Corner Gas writers, and the actual script was written by me and Andrew Carr (one of the original writers on all six seasons) along with a nice, talented guy named Andrew Wreggit, who helped us transform a short-form show into a feature length movie.  And the director of the movie will be the TV show’s key director – David Storey!  Executive Producers will be the original execs; me and David Storey and Virginia Thompson!  So if you were a fan of the original tone and the original jokes, you’re going to like the movie.

Thanks for all your support over the years, and all the kindness you’ve shown Corner Gas.  Feel free to help us out in spreading the word about the movie by telling your friends.  Tell your co-workers.  Hell… tell your enemies too!!! And…