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Around The Table

Well we had the very first table read through with the cast of ‘HICCUPS’. And I have to say, it was great. It was so cool to finally hear the words that have just been on the page being read by actual actors in actual voices. Up until recently the only people that I knew… Read more »

God Bless Showbusiness

When we finish shooting HICCUPS I’m going to go right into preproduction on a TV Special.  It’s going to be with CTV and The Comedy Network as well, and it’s going to be a real fun (and hopefully funny) old school variety type comedy special, with sketches and music and special guests and all that… Read more »


Ladies and Gentlemen, we are in full swing.  Well, ALMOST full swing.  We’re swinging everything but the camera so far.  I’m not being very clear.  What I mean to say is, we haven’t started shooting yet, but every other element of the new runaway comedy smash sensation “HICCUPS” is in full swing.  The sets are… Read more »