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Me and Paul Martin

Here’s me spying on former Prime Minister of Canada, Paul Martin, as he does a cameo on Corner Gas.  Apparently, I’m the man behind the man.

Me and Don Cherry

Toughest hockey broadcaster on earth.  Good Kingston boy.

Me and Sittler

Me and Sittler on the set of Corner Gas when he did a cameo.  He looks like he could still play today.  Brian Burke… are you listening?  Make him an offer.

Me and Eugene Levy

I was super excited to meet Eugene, because I am a HUGE fan of his.  He’s brilliant.  So, I meet him and he tells me he’s a big fan of mine.  That blew me away.  (I keep forgetting I’m on TV too.)

Me and GSP

Me and GSP.  For those of you who don’t know, this man (George St.Pierre) is maybe the toughest dude on the planet.  UFC Welterweight Champion and (thankfully) a super nice guy.

Me and Bob Newhart

Me and another comedic idol – Bob Newhart.  I got to go backstage at one of his concerts and meet him.  Once in a lifetime opportunity… and the picture is blurry.  Shout out to my buddy Scott who took the photo.  (Were you drunk?)